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    Up to 10,000 Hour Lamp Possible with InFocus IN119HDx Projector

    Posted by on for ProLampSales

    Long lamp life may not be at the top of anyone’s list when comparing digital projectors. But with the cost of quality lamp replacements ranging from $125 to $300 or higher, lamp life should at least be on the list.

    Infocus recently released the IN119HDx, a 1080p DLP classroom and business projector. With excellent reviews, not to mention a $550 price tag that definitely gets your attention, the IN119HDx is well positioned particularly for the budget strapped education market.

    Aside from the excellent bright picture, good connectivity and quick startup and shutdown (read complete review on ProjectorCentral), this projector includes a 3200 lumen lamp with a 4,500 hour rated life at full output or Normal mode and a 6,000 hour life in Eco mode. With only a 14% lumen reduction in Eco mode, a 6,000 hour life is possible for some applications.

    In addition, the IN119HDx comes with a third lamp mode called Eco Blanking. This is not a viewing mode, but an alternative to turning off the projector. For example, a teacher may want to pause a visual presentation briefly before proceeding. With Eco Blanking, the hot lamp can be moved to standby at very low light output, but not off. When the teacher is ready to resume, the lamp can be toggled back to Eco or Normal mode quickly.

    In certain situations, Eco Blanking may be used frequently. In these cases, where Eco mode and Eco Blanking are the primary lamp settings, InFocus claims the lamp life approaches 10,000 hours.

    The lamp part number for the IN119HDx is SP-LAMP-093. These lamps are currently selling as replacements for between $250 and $150 depending on whether or not the lamp module is 100% OEM or is a hybrid with the original lamp (bulb) inside a newly built cage. Given the projector itself only costs two or three times as much as these replacement lamps, the long lamp life moves up the list of important factors when considering this projector.

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