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The Optoma HD28DSE Brings DarbeeVision™ to Home Theater

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The Optoma HD28DSE Brings DarbeeVision™ to Home Theater

In the crowded, lower priced home theater projector market, Optoma recently added something new to the 1080p mix. Their portable HD28DSE DLP projector features an onboard DARBEEVISION™ video processing system.

According to Optoma, Paul Darbee developed a video technique in the 1970’s that “involved defocusing one of two images, using a video synthesizer to invert the image, and then combining the defocused inverted image with the sharp image. The end result produced images with unrivaled separation in depth, amazing detail and striking image clarity”.

Optoma’s engineers worked with DarbeeVision to incorporate their video processing into the HD28DSE projector. The user has the option of activating DarbeeVision or not. Once activated, the video processing can be modulated between 0% and 120%.

What do the critics say? says DarbeeVision works great for video games, but for film it gives a mixed result. “choosing a low processing setting like 30% will give the picture some additional clarity and definition that some viewers will like and others won't. . . . regardless of whether the DarbeeVision system is activated or not, the HD28DSE is able to deliver an engaging and exciting picture that will easily satisfy new home theater buffs.” says “You need to handle the HD28DSE’s picture tools with care. . . . I’d recommend against using the Full Pop [Darbee] setting . . . tedious as it sounds, I’d adjust its level of operation depending on how grainy the Blu-ray or DVD you’re watching is. You can leave it at its default 80 level for a pristine Blu-ray transfer such as Oblivion, but for grainy titles such as 300 and the final Harry Potter film you’ll need to reduce the setting to below 50.”

Amazon verified customer says “Optoma nailed it with this projector! . . . The blacks are deeper and the reds are more red, the Darbee processing is incredible!”

This projector has more features than DarbeeVision, including a 3000 lumen Optoma lamp, 1920 x 1080 full HD, 3D, HDMI link and more at a price around $800. Download this Optoma HD28DSE brochure for all the details.

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