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    Epson Home Cinema 3000 Brings Top Performance to Mid-Priced Home Theater Upgrade

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    Epson Home Cinema 3000 Brings Top Performance to Mid-Priced Home Theater Upgrade

    If you have thought about upgrading your home theater projection system but don’t want to spend several thousand dollars to do it, Epson may have found the sweet spot for people like you.

    Released about one year ago, the Home Cinema 3000 1080p LCD is the next iteration of Epson’s popular Home Cinema 8350. The Home Cinema 8350 had a long 4-year run of popularity. The Home Cinema 3000 is a true upgrade with improvements in most important features and metrics.

    Start with brightness. At 2300 lumens and a 60,000:1 contrast ratio, the Home Cinema 3000 does not require a complete black-out in the room where you watch movies. Its powerful, bright picture allows some ambient light without giving up much in image clarity. This can be big plus for owners who use their home theater on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and don’t want to worry about excess light filtering through the windows.

    This projector also has sufficient power for larger screen sizes and, with the included 1.6:1 zoon lens, you get a lot of flexibility in positioning the projector.

    Owners who like to have their own home theater, but aren’t looking for geeky perfection of picture metrics will appreciate the balance Epson has achieved with the Home Cinema 3000. The street price ranges from $1100 to $1350.

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    The Home Cinema 3000 lamp replacement part number is ELPLP85. This is the original E-TORL Epson lamp with 250 watts and a rated life of 3500 hours when operated at full output.



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