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Optoma's EH320USTi Raises the Bar in the Ultra Short-Throw Interactive Projector Market

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Optoma's EH320USTi Raises the Bar in the Ultra Short-Throw Interactive Projector Market

Ultra short-throw interactive projectors have become a common fixture in schools and universities. They are even showing up more frequently in business settings.

With an ultra short-throw lens you can project a large, sharp image with the projector mounted only 20+ inches away from the screen. With the projector mounted this close to the screen, fewer shadows interrupt the flow of the presentation allowing the viewers to focus on the message and not on distractions.

A recent entry in the ultra short-throw projector market is the Optoma EH320USTi.

Released in July of 2015, this 4000 lumen, 1080p, full HD 3D projector has a throw ratio of 0.25:1 which means it can project a 100” image from just 55cm away. In addition, it features a significant 20,000:1 (full on/full off) contrast ratio.

Networking and control options include: an extensive set of RS232 commands; AMX compatibility; and LAN control which allows on/off control, settings control and other monitoring / management functions on up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer using the compatible RoomView® software.

While Optoma pitches their TouchBeam finger-touch interactive technology that enables several people to work simultaneously on the screen without using a pen, other new features represent an upgrade over previous Optoma interactive projectors.

For example, the EH320USTi comes with two HDMI inputs and a powered USB port allowing the powering of an HDMI dongle such as Google Chromecase or the Optoma WHD200 wireless HDMI device.

Other upgrades include a powerful 16 watt built-in speaker, improved lamp life (up to 6500 hours when on eco mode) and a completely new mounting system for fast set-up.

With a street price under $2,000, the EH320USTi merits a close look if you are in the market for a powerful interactive short-throw projector. Download the product sheet for additional information.

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