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Panasonic's ET-LAEF Lamp Provides High Brightness for Large Venue Projectors

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The Pansonic ET-LAEF100 OEM lamp provides powerful illumination for a strong line of Panasonic projectors including the large venue models PT-EZ590 WUXGA, PT-EW650 WXGA, PT-EW550 WXGA, PT-EX620 XGA and PT-EX520 XGA.

Each of these projectors utilizes the ET-LAEF100 5000 hour UHM lamp to deliver high brightness designed for spaces with high ambient light levels. Clear, delineated text, color saturated graphics and video and superb contrast are all hallmarks of PT-EZ590 series projectors.

Panasonic also provides easy lamp and filter replacement for this series of projectors. Both lamp and filter replacement can be accomplished without removing the projector from its ceiling mount.

In addition, these projectors include Panasonic's Daylight View Basic technology. Designed to automatically sharpen images by enhancing detail throughout the projected image, a built-in sensor detects ambient light levels triggering the adjustments of halftone color and brightness based on ambient light in the room.

The ET-LAEF100 lamp also powers these additional Panasonic projectors:

PT-FX500, PT-FW530, PT-FZ570.

Learn more about the PT-EZ590 Series projectors on the Panasonic site.

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