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Strong Market Growth Forecast for Interactive Projectors

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Strong Market Growth Forecast for Interactive Projectors

The interactive projector market is forecast to reach over 2.5 billion dollars in North America by 2022. – averaging over 20% annual growth from 2018.

Interactive projectors allow users to interact with the projected image with special pens, a finger or other pointing devices.

While interactive projectors are used in both conference rooms and education, the projected growth is being driven by the significant advantages of interactive technology in the education sector.

Interactive projectors can be used on any surface and perform very similar functions as interactive whiteboards. However, the relative low cost of interactive projectors, when compared to interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays, is one of the factors driving projector growth in schools and universities.

From an educator’s perspective, interactive projectors allow easy integration of educational material, multi-touch collaboration and efficient, real-time student involvement with the instructional material.

For students, the medium is attractive and attention-grabbing because it utilizes display technology in ways they are accustomed to.

Interactive projection systems also integrate well with eLearning strategies that are gaining greater popularity because of it allows student involvement in real-time.

Most interactive projectors are either short-throw or ultra-short throw. These projectors are usually ceiling or wall mounted very close to the display surface. This helps prevent shadows on the display surface and keeps the equipment (and cords) out of the way of teachers and students so they can freely collaborate.

Leading manufacturers of interactive projectors currently include BenQ, Epson, Optoma and Viewsonic.

Here are a selection of interactive projector models currently available from these brands.


BrightLink 536Wi
BrightLink 685Wi
BrightLink 695Wi
BrightLink 710Ui
BrightLink Pro 1450Ui
BrightLink Pro 1460Ui
BrightLink Pro 1470Ui



With the expected growth in this market, other manufacturers will no doubt join them.

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