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The Hitachi LP-WU3500 Delivers a Strong LED Projection Solution for A Range of Applications

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The Hitachi LP-WU3500 Delivers a Strong LED Projection Solution for A Range of Applications

A year has passed since Hitachi released another in their line of LED projectors – the LP-WU3500.

With a year to use and test this projector, we can provide some insights to help you decide if the higher price point compared to LCD projectors in the same class delivers a strong value solution.

Hitachi positions this projector in their “Collegiate Series”, but because of features such as 360° installation, edge blending and 24/7 operation with an LED sealed light engine, it could easily be used for displays, signage and retail promotional applications.

The features start with the impressive image quality produced by the LP-WU3500. With 1920 x 1200 resolution and 3500 lumen output, this projector can deliver very high clarity documents as well as vibrant color images. In addition, the brightness uniformity is high.

According to Projector Central tests, “At the default Mid setting, its 1946 lumens is bright enough for a 120-inch image in moderate light ambient light. Use the High setting and its 3793 lumens is bright enough for a 170-inch image.”

Other features of note include a 1.7x zoom lens for throw distance flexibility, 16-watt audio sufficient for a mid-sized space, very low fan noise, 360° mounting options from table top to an upside down ceiling mount.

Perhaps the most significant selling point for the LP-WU3500 is the 20,000 hour LED light source rated life. Compared to 2,000 – 4,000 hours of life for a standard LCD lamp this adds up to several hundred dollars of relamping savings over the life of the projector.

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