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Product Spotlight: Sports Lighting Fixtures

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Product Spotlight: Sports Lighting Fixtures

Lighting for large sports arenas, whether indoor or outdoor, has always provided a challenge. These are places where hundreds to tens of thousands of people may gather at a time, in varying stages of alertness or sobriety. Most of the action occurs on a court or field but spectators make up the bulk of the people in the building.

Traditionally, flood lighting utilizing high-intensity discharge lamps have been used for sports fields and arenas. However, LED is making huge inroads in newly-constructed arenas and for retrofitting existing fixtures.

Compared to traditional fixtures and bulbs for lighting up sports events, LED fixtures have significant advantages. These extend beyond just the energy savings, which are considerable.

The HOT SHOT Sports Lights from Morris Products are a great example of how LED technology is meeting the needs of specialty lighting applications like sports arenas. These fixtures are designed to light up stadiums, recreational fields, and large yards, but can also be utilized in airports, ports, any large facility or yard, and anywhere high mast lighting is needed.

Another advantage of LED fixtures is their easier configurability. These particular sports lighting fixtures accomodate a range of voltages, from 120-277 and 347-480, and various adjustable beam angles.

The fixtures are also highly efficient compared to traditional lighting technology, using only 500 or 750 watts to provide 64,000 to over 99,000 lumens. More light can be delivered for less energy expenditure, which means those resources can be put into more lighting in areas that need it, or saved in operating costs.

Affordable lighting for large areas like sports stadiums and arenas is new in the industry, and has only become available as the cost of LEDs has continually decreased. Just a few years ago, a simple LED PAR38 could cost over $60 and would produce about 1,000 lumens.

Now, for under $1,000, LED fixtures can provide 65 times as many lumens.

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