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    Full Spectrum (SAD) Bulbs

    Full spectrum light bulbs produce light similar to daylight. This quality of light has a strong blue wavelength color temperature and a high color rendering index. They are often used by people suffering from Seaonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as these full spectrum bulbs have a large blue light component, which can help suppress melatonin production and increase feelings of wakefulness. We also have zero blue bulbs that promote melatonin production.

    What is "Full Spectrum" Light?

    There are perceived differences in the "quality" of light produced by electric light bulbs. The term "full spectrum light "is used to highlight a couple of these differences. However, the term does not have a precise technical definition. "Full spectrum" electric light is commonly understood to be light that is similar to "daylight" in two ways. One, the light is perceived to have the bluish white appearance and brightness values of daylight and, two, the light has strong color rendering capabilities across the visible spectrum. The fluorescent light bulbs we offer in this category have both of these characteristics.

    Daylight includes all wavelengths in the visible spectrum, it represents "full color" or the "full spectrum."

    Full Spectrum Wavelength

    What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

    For some people, the onset of fewer hours of daylight means dealing with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) a form of depression. After years of research and some initial skepticism, it is now widely recognized that SAD is a medical condition affecting about 10% of the population in northern latitudes (about 2% in a place like Florida). There are many theories about the causes of SAD. One is related to the chemical melatonin that regulates sleep. Melatonin is produced by the body when there is an absence of light and helps induce sleep. Melatonin can be suppressed by light. A fluorescent light box is designed to help, assuming a person sits in front of it for at least 30 minutes each morning. Blue wavelength light is particularly important. Any fluorescent, metal halide or LED light bulb with a color temperature of 5000K or higher will have a large blue light component. We carry many bulbs that provide both quality illumination and 5000K or higher color temperature. A good place to start is with light bulbs in this category.