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Automotive Lighting

Automotive Lighting

ProLampSales offers a wide selection of automotive lighting. Find the lighting equipment for your car, truck, RV, or other vehicle you need easier by clicking on one of the categories below. If you don't see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In many cases, we can find the automotive light you need at a competitive price.

Most of our automotive lights are for recreational vehicles, RVs, and trailers. These lights and systems can add value, aesthetic appeal, and safety features to vehicles.

About Automotive Lighting

Flood & Spreader Lights

Our flood and spreader lights can provide a lot high amount of light. From small cubes to full spreader lights, these types of automotive fixtures come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and light outputs.

Interior & Courtesy Lights

Our automotive accent lights can be mounted in a variety of locations for almost any application where extra lighting is helpful. We carry these interior and courtesy lights in a wide range of colors, including some that are smartphone app controllable for RGB lighting options.

Light Bars

Typically mounted to the top of a vehicle, automotive light bars can provide scene lighting in a small package. From short bars of 6" to over 50", we have light bars that can accomodate any vehicle or situation.

Trailer Lights

Many of our trailer lights were designed for both visibility and functionality. We carry trailier lights using both LED and traditional lighting technology. A number of our trailer lights are also submersible, so are safe to use in marine applications.

Water Purification Systems

Many RVs use a water purification system for drinking water and cleaning. Most of the systems on the market utilize chemicals or filters. While some of the water purifying machines we carry also use filters, all of them also use germicidal ultraviolet light to deactivate harmful microorganisms. This method of purification is highly effective, and the systems require relatively little maintenance.

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