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Diamond Lamps

Diamond Lamps

Diamond Lamps brand projector lamps (bulbs) are sourced directly from the world's leading manufacturers - the same companies who supply the top projector brands. These high quality lamps are then built into new, compatible cages to make complete lamp modules. 

Diamond lamp modules always deliver outstanding performance in terms of color, lifetime and brightness.

Diamond Lamps include a full 2-Year Warranty.


Original Manufacturers' Lamps

Diamond Lamps has a unique set of agreements to buy directly from four leading original lamp manufacturers: Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix. These companies have the technology and quality control necessary to produce projector lamps (bulbs) to the performance standards, reliability and longevity required by the projector manufacturers.

Highest Quality Cages

Diamond Lamps assembles the original manufacturers' bulbs into very high quality cages made precisely to fit the relevant projectors, simply and safely. All Diamond Lamp modules are tested with the projectors before they are released for sale.

Quality Assured

The resulting Diamond Lamps modules are guaranteed to fit perfectly into each projector and to give optimum performance.