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Emergency & First Responder Lighting

Emergency & First Responder Lighting

Emergency and first responder lighting includes a wide range of equipment that must need the needs of police, firefighters, paramedics, search & rescue teams, and other professionals. ProLampSales offers a large and growing selection of lights for emergency responders.

About Emergency and First Responder Lighting

The products in this category can be used in a variety of emergency settings. We have collected a number of different types of products for police, firefighters, ambulance personnel, and other emergency teams.

Safety Gear

Our full line of safety gear is perfect for any emergency application. From respirators and dust masks, to ear muffs and plugs, to reflective vests and eye protection, gearing up and having the right gear at the highest quality is essential for emergency applications.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Products in these categories are essential for securing buildings when an emergency happens. We offer emergency ballasts that can keep lights on during power outages, as well as exit lights to help direct traffic out of buildings. Finally, we offer emergency lamps and light fixtures that are rugged and weatherproof.

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