Hospital & Medical Facility Lighting

Hospital and Medical Facility Lighting

Hospitals and medical facilities have unique requirements for lighting. Replacement bulbs for medical equipment can't be found in regular hardware or big box stores, and light presents different challenges and opportunities for the health of patients.

About Hospital and Medical Facility Lighting

Patient Rooms

Traditional fluorescent overhead fixtures still predominate in patient rooms. Both linear fluorescent tubes and ballasts are required for these areas, although LED tubes are making inroads everywhere as they offer lower maintenance and energy costs.

If fluorescent fixtures are not used, then recessed lighting is the next most common type. These may use older halogen or CFL bulbs, but there are now total retrofit solutions in LED for recessed downlights, as well as LED CFL four-pin replacement bulbs.

Tunable LED lights present a rising opportunity for patient rooms, as warm dimming LEDs can be used to promote healthy sleep. We carry a line of zero-blue LEDs that emit no blue wavelength light, which are also designed to contribute to healthier sleep.

Reception & Lobby Areas

Lobbies and reception areas are usually populated with recessed downlights, typically using pin based CFL light bulbs or halogen. Consistent color temperature is important in these areas for people who have to fill out forms or check in. LED recessed lighting in these opportunities can provide hospitals and medical facilities with energy efficient lighting solutions.

Examination Rooms

Specialty medical equipment that uses different types of light bulbs are found all over these rooms. While many medical devices now use integrated LEDs, older headlamps, endoscopes, otoscopes, and other tools use light bulbs. Finding the replacement light bulbs for medical equipment has never been easy, but we carry a wide selection of replacement bulbs for all sorts of devices.

In terms of the ambient light in these rooms, the fixtures are similar to other areas of the facility, likely utilizing overhead fluorescent fixtures or recessed cans. These can take replacement fluorescent tubes, pin-base CFL bulbs, or be upgraded to LED replacements.

Surgery Centers & Laboratories

This is another type of room in a hospital that will have numerous special devices using either integrated LEDs or very specialized light bulbs. It is always worth having several spare medical light bulbs in stock, as having the light in equipment or a tool go out in the middle of a procedure creates undue risk. We carry ceramic xenon bulbs, surgical equipment bulbs, microscope replacement bulbs, UV-C germicidal bulbs, and more.

Building Exteriors & Parking Areas

Safety and security are large factors in lighting the exterior of hospitals, as patients and staff are coming and going day and night. Commercial outdoor fixtures like wallpacks and floodlights can help light areas around the building. Many older fixtures still use metal halide light bulbs, but there are now viable and inexpensive LED HID replacements for these high-wattage lights. The LED versions also provide brighter light while using far less energy.

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