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Marine Lighting

Marine Lighting

Marine lighting requires the highest standards of materials and quality construction so the equipment will withstand the harsh exposure to weather and water. The products in this category are designed with optimal built-in safety tolerances for both heat and electrical loads. The LED light source ensures long life and low energy requirements.

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About Marine Lighting

Boat lighting may seem simple, but proper lighting can make a huge difference to your boating experience. Beyond factors like safety, signaling, and manuevering, good lighting can set your boat apart from every other on the water. Using the highest quality lights should be a part of your marine lighting strategy. We specialize in helping you find the right lights for any situation, including marine lighting for your boat or dock.

Underwater Lighting

These are some of the coolest specialty products that we offer. Underwater lights are installed at or below the water line. While some are merely decorative, others can be used to attract fish or other animals during night time. With the wide variety of underwater lights now available in LED, boats can choose almost any lighting and color combinations to make their vessels stand out from the crowd. These lights are also very rugged, meeting higher standards for manufacturing and protection from water.

Navigation Lights

Navigation lights indicate the boat's position on the water, as well as the direction it is heading. Used during night time hours from sunset to sunrise, navigation lights help communicate to other boats, and can significantly reduce danger and accidents. Stern lights are white, while sidelights can be green or red. Mast lights are also white.

Requirements for navigation lights are set by the US Coast Guard and are different depending on the length of the vessel.

Dock Lights

We carry a wide range of dock lights in a variety of colors. These lights can create stunning backdrops to dock parties, while also increasing safety and security. While many boats match the color of light to the color of the deck, many newer LEDs can toggle between different light colors or provide full RGBW options. Dock lights should also be used to provide the maximum amount of light for safely docking the boat.

Flood & Spreader Lights

Flood and spreader lights are incredibly popular marine lighting products. They can be used in a wide variety of areas in or out of the boat. From work lights, to illuminating water at night, to extra illumination while docking, spreader lights are great for many applications. Flood lights provide a large amount of light over a wide area, and are often used in large boats.

In addition to regular flood/srpeader lights, we also offer a small but growing selection of marine light bars in a wide variety of lengths. These can be used for signaling, night illumination, and safety lighting.

Dome & Downlights

Similar to downlights used in commercial and residential applications, marine dome/down lights are used to light up cabins and interior spaces. But unlike similar light fixtures used on land, marine dome and down lights need to meet the requirements of boaters, often using different voltages and higher grade materials. Thankfully, due to the LED revolution in lighting, these lights can be very energy-efficent and offer a wide variety of light colors.

Interior & Courtesy Lights

Interior and courtesy lights are used to provide smaller amounts of light for specialized applications. While some of our marine interior/courtesy lights can be used for general illumination, these products are prized more for decorative lighting than simple functionality. They may be used in interior locations or on the edge of the boat, and the light fixtures themselves are often hidden from view, with only the light being visible.

LED Replacement Bulbs

Similar to automotive lighting, marine lighting applications require special voltages different from regular household bulbs. In the past, miniature incandescent and halogen light bulbs were the rule. Even though these lights draw little power overall, LED replacements can save significant energy even compared to miniature traditional bulbs. Our marine LED light bulbs can be used in a variety of voltages, and we carry bulbs matching almost any size, base, and color.

Water Purification Systems

Water purification systems are often used in boats. Many of our smaller units can be installed closed to the point of use, usually the sink in a boat's kitchen or bathroom. We also carry a number of larger purification systems that could be used on larger vessels like recreational and commercial yachts. These systems use ultraviolet germicidal (UV-C) light to kill water-based bacteria and other organisms, and come in a wide variety of sizes and voltages. We also carry the replacement bulbs, sleeves, and ballasts for these systems.

Commercial & Recreational Aquarium Lighting

Aquariums, whether commercial or recreational, require specialized lighting, especially when plant growth and photosynthesis are needed. We carry a wide range of fluorescent and metal halide lighting that has been specially manufactured to meet the needs of aquariums. Many of these bulbs have very high color temperatures, in the 10,000 to over 20,000 Kelvin range. Many of our marine lighting products are for recreation and fish attraction, while our aquarium light bulbs are for illumination and plant health.

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