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Marine Navigation Lights

Marine Navigation Lights

ProLampSales offers a wide selection of marine navigation lights. Find the boat navigation light fixture you need easier by clicking on one of the categories below. If you don't see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In many cases, we can find the boat navigation light you need at a competitive price.

About Marine Navigation Lights

Marine navigation lights are designed primarily for safety, rather than simple visibility or decoration. They indicate to other boats on the water where a vessel is and how it is positioned at night. The United States Coast Guard has issued regulations on the types of boat navigation lights required for vessels of different lengths.

Boats Under 12 Meters

Vessels under 12 meters in length are required to have bi-color bow lights with a 225° total beam angle. They are also required to have a 360° all-around anchor light. The combination bow/side lights have to have at least 1 nautical mile (nm) of visibility, while the all-around light needs at least 2nm.

Boats Between 12 and 50 Meters

Vessels of a length between 12 and 50 meters are required to have more and different lights than smaller boats. They need a masthead light of 5 nautical miles with 225° of light output, as well as a 135° stern light with a visibility of 2nm. Instead of a combination bow/side light, they are required to have individual side lights of 112.5° each with 2nm of visibility.

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