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    Private Household Lighting

    private home lighting at night

    While many of our light bulbs and fixtures are designed for commercial uses, others cross over into general household applications. For general lighting, the same technologies and bulbs or fixtures can be used in either a commercial setting or in a private home.

    private household lighting solutions

    About Private Household Lighting


    Bedrooms present unique opportunities because this is where most people go to sleep and wake up. Because of this setting, lights can be used to promote both sleep at night and wakefulness in the morning.

    Many bedrooms may use ceiling fan fixtures or recessed downlights. For sleeping at night, Soraa Healthy ZeroBlue LED bulbs can be used to eliminate all blue light. These could be perfect in bedside table lamps or small recessed fixtures.

    For promoting wakefulness and awareness in the morning, fixtures and bulbs with a higher color temperature can be used. Lights with a color temperature of 5000K-6500K can also help people suffering with seasonal affective disorder in winter months.

    Light should be seen as an opportunity to promote health in households.


    For vanity fixtures, high CRI LED bulbs can be used to provide true color rendering for applying makeup or other personal care products. General service light bulbs are also usually present in bathrooms, although LED MR16 bulbs may be more prevalent in vanities.


    Kitchens are also a prime opportunity for water purification systems that utilize germicidal light to deactivate potentially harmful microorganisms. While many of our water purification systems are used in commercial yachts, hospitals, and government water treatment plants, the smaller versions of these institutional-grade systems can be installed right under a sink.

    Living Rooms & Home Theaters

    As projection equipment has come down in price over the years, it has never been easier to create a truly impressive home theater. Digital projectors are a staple of many home cinema experiences, while LCD video panels are still popular. If using a digital projector, then a mount and screen should also be considered.

    For the general lighting in living rooms, overhead lights, recessed or surface mount fixtures, and LED bulbs are often used to provide enough light in an energy-efficient package. These are also prime areas for using dimmer switches to turn down lights when a movie is playing or for relaxing in the room in the evening.

    Exterior Building

    For wall and standalone fixtures, LED bulbs are a great option, especially in winter months. Older CFL bulbs had trouble turning on and providing light quickly enough in cold temperatures, but LED bulbs thrive in the cold. However, proper heat management should be considered when using LEDs in an enclosed fixture in summer months, as heat can compromise LED life if not adequately dissipated.

    Landscape & Pathway

    Step lights are great for many homes that have a porch or deck. These lights can help indicate where the next step is, providing safe movement.

    Bug lights and zappers are also a part of many households. Bug lights can prevent insects from showing up at all, while zappers use ultraviolet light to attract bugs into the electrified mesh to kill them.

    Pond & Aquarium

    Outside koi ponds and aquariums can be found in many homes, and keeping the fish and plant life alive and healthy is a priority. Germicidal light bulbs are often used to deactivate harmful microorganisms in ponds, while specialized aquarium light bulbs are used to promote plant health and provide beautiful lighting for the aquarium itself.

    Water purification equipment can also be used in aquariums or ponds, from keeping the water clean on a continuing basis to larger systems that can help reclaim ponds that can no longer support fish or plant life.

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