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    Projector Lamp Warranty

    We offer several industry leading, warranty periods.

    • All 100% OEM projector lamps come with a no-hassle 3 month (90 day) warranty.
    • All Original Bulb Inside (Diamond Lamps) projector lamps come with a no-hassle 24 month warranty.
    • Osram Bulb Inside and Premium Compatible projector lamps come with a no-hassle 12 month/1 year warranty.

    All lamp warranties start from the date you receive the shipment.

    Multiple Lamp Orders

    If you order more than one lamp, planning to store one or more for spares, we strongly suggest you test all lamps once receiving them. Because the warranty starts when you receive the lamp, not when you install it, a bad lamp may be out of warranty by the time you install it.


    If the projector lamp fails within the warranty period, return it to us at our expense for a new lamp or a full refund.

    Important: before returning the lamp, email (info@prolampsales.com) or call (800-784-1998) so we can provide Returned Material Authorization information.

    Non-Warranty Returns

    If a projector lamp must be returned for other reasons (broken when received, wrong lamp ordered, etc), please see the Returns page for procedures.