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    Quartz Infrared Lamps

    quartz infrared heater lamps

    ProLampSales offers a wide selection of quartz infrared heater lamps. Find the quartz infrared light bulb you need easier by selecting from one of the categories below. If you do not see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In most cases, we can find the quartz infrared halogen lamp you need at a competitive price.

    About Quartz Infrared Heater Lamps

    In use since the late 1950s, tubular T3 quartz infrared lamps are ideal and unique heat sources. Their small size, uniform distribution of heat, and quartz bulb material offer several advantages over older reflector-style heat lamps.

    Halogen infrared lamps, which are now the standard, are an improvement over previous designs, resulting in longer lifetimes, fewer lamp failures, and improved radiant efficiency.

    Horizontal vs. Vertical Operation

    Quartz infrared bulbs have an operation position specification that should be strictly followed. The bulb envelope needs to be modified for vertical burning; otherwise the filament will collapse and fall against the wall of the bulb, causing failure.

    Infrared bulbs designed for vertical operation have notches or indentations pressed into the quartz bulb. They are designed to limit how far the filament can collapse, allowing it to run in a vertical operation. Bulbs designed for horizontal operation do not have these indentations.

    Quartz Infrared Lamp Applications.

    Nearly 70 years after their development, T3 quartz infrared lamps are still the standard for clean, uncontaminated infrared energy sources. The product line has expanded greatly, with various connector types, lengths, and wattages.

    Improvement of the design of these bulbs was spurred on by the US space program. Using numerous infrared lamps packed together, manufacturers and researchers were able to simulate the high temperatures generated during reentry of space shuttles and other vehicles.

    Additional more common uses of quartz infrared lamps are listed below.

    • Solar simulation
    • Food processing
    • Chemical processing
    • Thawing of coal and ore
    • Conveyor ovens
    • Outdoor venues
    • Hatcheries
    • Printing industry (drying and curing, 3D printing
    • Blow molding
    • Curing
    • Paint drying
    • Paper and textile industry
    • Semiconductor industry

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