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    Ultraviolet UV Curing

    ProLampSales offers a wide selection of ultraviolet UV curing products and accessories. Find the UV curing system or accessory you need easier by clicking on one of the categories below. If you don't see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In many cases, we can find the ultraviolet curing item you need at a competitive price.

    About Ultraviolet UV Curing


    UV curing chambers feature a shuttered chamber. This provides the highest intensity ultraviolet light. The benefit of using a chamber is uniformity in the curing of larger areas.


    UV curing conveyors are widely used in the digital printing business. Benefits include saving space, reducing energy usage, using less ink, increased throughput, less overall cleanup, and a healthier environment for workers.


    Portable, handheld UV curing systems are usually light-weight and come with a carrying case. They are designed to be transpotable and easy to store, without sacrificing functionality or efficacy.

    LED UV Curing

    As compared to most lighting technology LED for UV curing options are more efficient and widely versatile. They can quickly and safely cure adhesives, inks, and coatings, and are ideal for curing medical devices and electronics. LED UV curing is applicable to a wide range of commercial and industrial uses.

    LED UV curing devices have multiple benefits over traditional mercury lamps, but also several potential drawbacks. The LEDs run cooler, so heat-sensitive materials can be safely cured. For some materials, this may make all the difference. However, mercury lamps have a broader spectrum than single-wavelength LEDs, which may aid in penetration of the UV radiation. And for materials that are not heat-sensitive, extra heat from traditional curing bulbs can help in curing or drying, an aspect much diminished with LED light sources.

    Spot UV Curing

    Spot UV curing systems can be used for solvent-free manufacturing of a wide range of products. Both mercury and LED lamp options are available for spot curing devices.

    Liquid & Fiber Optic Light Guides

    Primarily used with spot UV curing systems, liquid-filled and fiber optic light guides come in a variety of splits, lengths, and tip designs. They can offer up to 360° coverage of intended cure sites. UV curing light guides offer long life with no degradation even after long exposures or high intensity applications.

    Other Ultraviolet Curing Options

    While this category consists mostly of specialized ultraviolet curing equipment, replacement parts, and accessories, regular unfiltered UVA lamps and filtered blacklight bulbs have also been used for curing, especially in the printing industry. The reprography industry uses long, high powered UVA bulbs to cure ink printed on materials where the ink needs to be dried quickly or it will run, blur, or smear easily if not adhered to the material fast enough.

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