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    UVC Surface & Ceiling Mounted Fixtures

    UVC surface mount and ceiling fixtures

    Surface and ceiling mounted ultraviolet UVC fixtures are generally designed to be used in unoccupied spaces for overall air and surface sterilization. These fixtures use either high or lower powered UVC bulbs, depending on whether the fixture will be used at a closer or further distance from the surface they are intended to sanitize. These UVC ceiling and surface fixtures come in plug-in or hardwired variations, allowing for flexibility in installation. Some can also be outfitted with additional protections like wire guards or handles.

    Warning: UVGI radiation is extremely harmful to skin and eyes.

    About UVC Ceiling Fixtures

    While the UVC fixtures in this category are primarily designed to be installed on ceilings, the surface and recessed fixtures could also be installed on walls.

    The main difference between these fixtures and most of our UVC utility fixtures is that the ones in this category are designed to be hardwired to the electrical system. In general, utility fixtures come with a cord and plug into a standard wall outlet, but the functionality is much the same, although ceiling fixtures often use higher-output bulbs.

    Surface Mount UVC Fixtures

    Surface mount germicidal fixtures can be attached to ceilings or walls and wired into the electrical system of a building. They come in a wide variety of lengths, from 1' to 5', and special safety features can be included, such as shatterproof coatings and wire guards.

    These fixtures used exposed UV bulbs and a reflective backing to provide 360° of germicidal irradiation in a given area. They should only be used in unoccupied spaces, generally after hours in a business after people have left for the day.

    Recessed UVC Fixtures

    Recessed germicidal fixtures operate very similar to surface mount fixtures, but the bulbs are recessed in a larger housing. The bulbs are not exposed so provide less than 360° of coverage.

    With the recessed ultraviolet bulbs, damage is less likely. In addition, these fixtures can also be outfitted with shatterproof lamps and a wire guard.

    While the fixtures in this category are mostly intended to be permanently-mounted, optional handles can be affixed at the time of ordering.

    UVC Recessed Troffer Fixtures

    UVC recessed troffers are designed to blend in with existing fluorescent fixtures, while providing a UVC germicidal light source. They can be installed with only germicidal bulbs or a combination of germicidal and fluorescent bulbs.

    While this may sound extremely dangerous, these fixtures operate the fluorescent and germicidal bulbs on separate circuits, so the UVC should never be running when the fluorescent lights are on.

    For commercial buildings, offices, schools, and other areas where obvious UVC fixtures may be undesirable, these UVC recessed troffers are a great and elegant solution, and are just as easy to install and maintain as regular fluorescent troffers, one of the most popular light fixtures in the world.

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