Larson Electronics UVC Disinfection Box - 15 Bulbs - Hazardous Location

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This product is made in the USA and manufactured in Texas.

The HAL-TBL-BX-AEP.Z-24.24.16-UVC-15X-R1-120V-EPP Larson Electronics from is a Hazardous Location UV Oven that uses a Type Z continuous flow purge system and that is used for cleaning packages, including from Amazon, UPS, FedEx and DHL. This UV oven can disinfect 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores found on boxes, envelopes, and other types of packages. Order products online safely and quickly sanitize packages with this hazardous location UV box without waiting days or weeks for harmful microbes to die off. This UV oven can disinfect packages measuring up to 24"-L x 24"-W x 16"-H within minutes. With access to fifteen UV lamps, the unit offers UV-C output at a range of 200nm - 280nm (253.7nm). The UV oven has highly visible indicator lights for safe operation and comes with a timer. A non-removable wire drop basket inside the UV box protects items being sanitized from slipping and getting caught in the corners.

*Please note: This product produces UV light. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines and protocols found in the user manual. UVC light in the proper setting kills up to 99.9% of viruses, mold, spores, and bacteria.

The HAL-TBL-BX-AEP.Z-24.24.16-UVC-15X-R1-120V-EPP is a powerful sanitation solution for cleaning packages from DHL, FedEx, UPS, Amazon and more. This UV oven is safe to use in Class I Division 2 hazardous location. It is made to be used in hazardous locations by the utilization of a type Z continuous flow purge system. Equipped with fifteen UVC fluorescent lamps, this system offers 136.5 watts of UV output, within the 200nm - 280nm UV-C range (253.7 nm). The lights have an expected lifespan of 8,000+ hours and emit a flood beam pattern. A surface with 43% reflectance promotes UV light distribution and ensures maximum exposure. Inside the box, the UV system offers three 24" lamps on each side (left side, right side, front, and back) and three 24" lamps on the bottom of the unit for a total of 15 lamps. There are NO lamps found on the upwards opening top lid.

The inside of the UV oven is equipped with a non-removable wire drop basket that can hold packages measuring up to 24"-L x 24"-W x 16"-H. The wire basket protects packages, boxes or envelopes, preventing the items from slipping outside of the basket and getting stuck in the corners of the box. This device turns off automatically when the lid is open. Indicator lights include: green (safe to open) and amber (in operation). With a recommended 25-minute exposure time at full capacity, multiple devices can be purchased to clean several packages at the same time. Operators may access a timer in the box to ensure the recommended duration of exposure (1-30 mins) is met every session. The UV light can disinfect over 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and spores.

Voltage: The HAL-TBL-BX-AEP.Z-24.24.16-UVC-15X-R1-120V-EPP operates on 120 V AC, 60 Hz.

Purge and Pressurization System: The HAL-TBL-BX-AEP.Z-24.24.16-UVC-15X-R1-120V-EPP uses a Type Z continuous flow purge and pressurization system that makes it safe to use within Class I Division 2 hazardous locations. In a purge and pressurization system, any hazardous gas is purged from the enclosure through a series of complete air exchanges. The enclosure is then pressurized to prevent the entry of any hazardous gas or dust from entering the enclosure. In a continuous flow purge system, like the one used in this UV oven, a constant flow of air following the purge is used to maintain internal pressure.

The HAL-TBL-BX-AEP.Z-24.24.16-UVC-15X-R1-120V-EPP features a Type Z continuous flow purge system. A Type Z system requires a minimum of 25 Pa for internal pressure. The other main feature of a Type Z system is that power to the unit is automatically disconnected if a drop in pressure below the minimum occurs or any other loss of pressure occurs. This means that it then must go through the purge and pressurization process successfully again before operation can resume within the hazardous area.

Operation: The HAL-TBL-BX-AEP.Z-24.24.16-UVC-15X-R1-120V-EPP is equipped with a C1D1 rated push button for power and a C1D1 rated power indicator light on the outside of the unit. A timer is installed on the inside of the enclosure. The timer keeps the UV lamps running for the recommended amount of time to disinfect the package.

To use the UV oven, the operator places the package in the wire basket on the inside of the oven, closes the gasketed lid, secures the stainless steel draw latches, and pushes the power button. The unit then purges the enclosure and pressurizes it. Once pressurization is complete, power is provided to the timer. The UV lamps then power up and stay on throughout disinfection. This entire process must be repeated every time the lid is opened or pressure is otherwise lost.

Wiring & Plug: This hazardous location UV oven is equipped with 25 feet of 16/3 chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord that is fitted with an explosion proof cord cap for easy connection to explosion proof outlets. Plug options include a 5-15 15 amp straight blade plug for use with 120 V explosion proof outlets or a 5-20 20 amp straight blade plug for use with 120 V explosion proof outlets. **PLEASE NOTE** voltage ratings on plugs and outlets are MAXIMUM voltage. For low voltage applications, proper voltage must be applied to the outlet or damage to the light fixture will occur.

Mount: This UV sanitation device has a flat base for stand alone operation on flat surfaces. We sell mounting lugs for permanent installations if needed.

Note on Environment: Sunlight and visible light fixtures do not impact the effectiveness of the disinfecting on this UVC sanitation product. Metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent, and LED light fixtures can be left on. The UV radiation emitted from this product is not disrupted by any type of lighting in the environment. Put simply, NO it DOES NOT need to be dark in the area you plan to disinfect. The UV radiation is harmful to the eyes and skin, and that is why you should not be in the area while it is in operation. Please see user manual for additional safety information.

Pre-Order Notice

Please take into consideration all of the following conditions before ordering Larson Electronics products. All Larson Electronics orders are subject to a minimum 15% (and up to 100%) pre-shipment cancellation fee. Larson Electronics products are non-returnable and non-refundable. Customer support for Larson products is extremely limited, if available at all. Larson Electronics products do not have warranties. Replacement parts may not be available at all. All pre-order and pre-shipment estimated ship dates are estimates only and are likely to change after ordering. Larson Electronics takes photos and videos of all products leaving their facility, and will not take responsibility for any shipment damages.

About Larson Electronics

Founded in 1973, Larson Electronic is an industrial lighting company, providing solutions for government, military, aviation, oil and gas, processing, manufacturing, and other markets. The company manufactures power distruction, industrial controls, explosion proof equipment, and UV lighting products in the USA. Larson is also able to provide customized fabrication for complex lighting and power requirements and has over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Bulb Life Hours8000+
Country of OriginUSA
Frequency60 Hz
MountingStand Alone Device
No. of Lamps15
Power Cord25'

ProLampSales Order Code6261237842120
BrandLarson Electronics
HS Code853949


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