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Optoma EW695UTi Projector Lamp - BL-FU280C

Optoma EW695UTi Projector Lamp - BL-FU280C - Original Bulb Inside

  • $131.00

Lamp Description

This Optoma EW695UTi lamp module includes the original manufacturer lamp (bulb) inside a newly built cage that meets or exceeds all original specifications.

The brightness, optical performance and lamp life will be virtually the same with this replacement lamp as when the EW695UTi projector was new.

Why buy a Diamond lamp for your Optoma projector? When the OEM option either does not fit your budget or is not required, Diamond lamps offer excellent value. A Diamond lamp uses a bulb, often the same as the original one in your projector, from one of the leading manufacturers - Philips, Osram, Ushio or Phoenix - capable of manufacturing bulbs to the performance, reliability and longevity standards of the projector brands. These bulbs are assembled in high quality cages made to precisely fit your projector. All Diamond lamp modules are tested with the projectors before they are made available. Quality assurance plus a 2-year warranty at a value price.

Lamp Specifications

Module Type: Diamond Lamp - Original Bulb, Compatible Cage
Part Number: SP.8JR03GC01 / BL-FU280C
Lamp: P-VIP
Watts: 280
Rated Life (hrs): 2500
Warranty: 24 months