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    Osram 54250 BRJ/EVB 64633 HLX - Halogen - 150W - 15V - G6.35 Base - 40ct

    Osram 54250 BRJ/EVB 64633 HLX - Halogen - 150W - 15V - G6.35 Base - 40ct

    • $223.95

    ($5.59 Each - Sold in Case of 40)

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    150 Watt, tungsten Halogen, low voltage without reflector

    Features & Benefits

    • Precise filament alignment with patented quartz pinch technology
    • OSRAM HLX lamps provide 10% higher luminous efficacy over standard halogen
    • Instant on and nearly constant luminous flux over the life of the lamp
    • Dimmable

    Product Notes

    s (Operating Position) = Vertical, base down

    Cross Reference Part Numbers

    • Aluma-Lite RL-050
    • Ambico V-0182
    • Amcam Intl. Inc. BRL
    • Arkon BRL
    • Atlas/Thorn A1/220
    • Bulbrite 761020 BRL
    • Canon BH33015-000
    • Eiko 10033 BRL
    • EYE JC12V50W/G1 BRL
    • GE 18234 BRL
    • Hanel BRL
    • Kowa L15A26
    • Leitz 500-182
    • Mueller Instruments 8632-S
    • Nikon 76516
    • Nikon 78671
    • Nikon NT12V50WL
    • Nissin 12V 50W
    • Olympus 8C402
    • Olympus 8C407
    • Optex-Argus BRL
    • Osram Sylvania 54249 BRL 64610 HLX
    • Osram Sylvania 54034 BRL 64610 HLX
    • Osram Sylvania 54035 BRL 64610 HLX BULK
    • Philips 7027
    • Philips 31627-3 BRL
    • Sakar (Cam Products) D-250
    • Sima BRL
    • Sunlite 70000 BRL/BCD
    • Swift MA 784
    • Topcon 43123-46140
    • Unik 50W
    • Uniphot BRL
    • Unomat 12V 50W
    • Ushio 1000071 BRL, JC12V-50W
    • Ushio 8000253
    • Vivitar 12V50DC
    • Wild M650
    • Woodlyn 545070

    Equipment Used In

    • 3M Jacketloader 169
    • Aluma-Lite VLA-050
    • Aluma-Lite VLA-DC001
    • Aluma-Lite VLA-500SC
    • Aluma-Lite VLA-200
    • Aluma-Lite VLA-100
    • Allen Microfilm A1 220
    • Ambico V-0807
    • Ambico V-0195
    • Ambico V-0814
    • Ambico V-0816 (DC)
    • Amcam Intl. Inc. PRINZ 380-97 (DC)
    • Amcam Intl. Inc. PRINZ 380-110 (DC)
    • Arkon AR100DC
    • Arkon AR100AC-DC
    • Bell & Howell Commuiter SR-16
    • Canon all Fundus camera models except CR-5
    • Canon 250 LH
    • Canon 360 LH
    • Caps Microfilm Jupiter
    • Caps Microfilm 160 Jacket Loader
    • Caps Microfilm Nova A2
    • CMM Diplomate
    • CMM LEM 35
    • Coltrene/Whaledent DI-500
    • Dental Vision Direct UltraCam
    • Dr. Hell Scanner
    • Dukane 27 A 35 Explorer
    • Dukane 27A50
    • Eastman Kodak Recordak Startech SP3.2
    • Fuji (Fujica) RFP 2
    • GAF (Aarque Systems) GA 2 35 MM
    • GAF (Aarque Systems) 9200H
    • GAF (Aarque Systems) 9200M
    • Hanel PB100
    • Hanel PRINZ 380-97 (DC)
    • Hanel PRINZ 380-110 (DC)
    • Harper & Tunstall Harper 35A2
    • Imtec LEM 35
    • Interzeal Model 2000
    • Interzeag Model 2001
    • Interzeag Octopus
    • Kalle RP 433 (R/P)
    • Kalle RP 433 S (R/P)
    • Kalle RP 434 (R/P)
    • Kalle RP 435 (R/P)
    • Kalle RV 414 (R/P)
    • Karmac LEM
    • Kobold VM-300
    • Konishiroku Sakura 442 E
    • Kowa Main Illuminator
    • Leitz LH50
    • Leitz Ortholux 2
    • Leitz Epivert
    • Leitz Comparison Macroscope
    • Logotronics MVP
    • Macbeth Densitometers TD500
    • Marshall-Smith New Midget AP Card Reader
    • Microdesign The Portable
    • Microscot Comet
    • Microscot Jupiter
    • Microscot Lensman
    • Microscot Planet
    • Minox Portable
    • Minox 33100
    • NCR Corp. G1
    • NCR Corp. Graduate
    • NCR Corp. M100
    • Nikon Diaphot 200
    • Nikon Diaphot 300
    • Nikon Optiphot
    • Nikon Optiphot-Pol
    • Nikon Epi-Fi QH
    • Nikon Diaphot
    • Nikon KBB00689-501
    • Nikon NFC-50
    • Nikon NFC-60
    • Nissin Camlite 5012
    • NMG National Microfilm Group NMG 16R
    • NMG National Microfilm Group NMG 16C
    • NMG National Microfilm Group NMG 352
    • Office Equipment Plandale SMA RP2
    • Office Equipment Plandale SMA RP34
    • Office Equipment Plandale SMA RP41
    • Office Equipment Plandale SMA RPC
    • Office Equipment Plandale SMA Vario A2
    • Olympus A-LSH-3
    • Olympus BH-RFL
    • Olympus B-LSH-3
    • Olympus BMH-LSH-2
    • Olympus SZH-ILLD
    • Olympus IMT-2
    • Olympus BH2
    • Olympus ULS20
    • Olympus BH2-M6SH
    • Olympus BH2-MLSH
    • Olympus BMH-LSH2
    • Olympus PME-3
    • Olympus PME-LSM
    • Omnium Promotion SMA RPC21
    • Omnium Promotion SMA RPC
    • Omnium Promotion SMA RPK
    • Optex-Argus VS-160 (DC)
    • Optex-Argus VS50
    • Renker Safir SMA RP 35-2
    • Renker Safir SMA RP-35-4
    • Renker Safir RPC
    • Sakar (Cam Products) V-2500
    • Sakar (Cam Products) V-3500 (DC)
    • Savemo LEM 150
    • Savemo LEM 248
    • Savemo Microcard 135
    • Sima SCLA (DC)
    • Sima Camlight 2
    • Sima SLAD-2 (DC)
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RPC
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RPF
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RPK
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RP-2
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RP-2S
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RP-34
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) P-40
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) P-41
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) Printer 202
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) Printer 203
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) RP 222
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) Vario Reader
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) 231 (P)
    • SMA (Shaut Mikrofilmtechnik) 325
    • Swift Swiftmaster II
    • Swift Y5
    • Topcon SBP-2020
    • Topcon Main Illuminator SBP-2020
    • Unik RV-150 DC
    • Unik RV-150 AC/DC
    • Uniphoto SDVL-120/122 (DC)
    • Unomat DC-9000 Series
    • Unomat DC-700 Series
    • Unomat DC-800 Series
    • Unomat DC-801 Series
    • Vivitar VLM-1
    • Vivitar ZL-1
    • Woodlyn Slit Lamp

    About Osram

    Osram provides businesses and consumers with a wide portfolio of products, encompassing many types of technical and professional lighting applications. These include automotive lighting, complete "Smart" digital systems, advancted LED chips, speciality light bulbs and fixtures, and more. Osram serves both consumer and professional markets, and manufactures traditional lighting products, as well as LED lamps and luminaires.

    Bulb ShapeT11.5
    Color Temperature3450
    Lamp TypeHalogen
    LIF CodeA1/234
    Rated Life Hours50

    ProLampSales Order Code6155050680520
    SeriesHLX Xenophot
    ModelBRJ/EVB 64633 HLX
    HS Code853921


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