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    Robertson PSM2GPH18MVDW Electronic Program Start Ballast - 120-277V

    Robertson PSM2GPH18MVDW Electronic Program Start Ballast - 120-277V

    5 Year Warranty
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    This product is a Robertson PSM2GPH18MVDW Electronic Program Start, 120-277Vac, 50-60Hz for 2/1 GPH508T5 Lamps, dual entry connectors (no leads).

    Lamp Types

    • G11T5/OF
    • G16T5/OF
    • G16T5L/4PSE
    • G20T5L/4PSE
    • G30T8
    • G30T8/OF
    • G36T5/4P/SE
    • G36T5L/4PSE
    • G36T8
    • G36T8/OF
    • GBX36/UVC/2G11
    • GCL36T5L/Cell
    • GCL36T5VH/Cell
    • GCL436T5L/Cell
    • GCL436T5VH/Cell
    • GCL793T5L/Cell
    • GCL793T5VH/Cell
    • GFT18DL/2G11/SE/OF
    • GPH212T5L
    • GPH212T5L/4
    • GPH212T5VH
    • GPH212T5VH/4
    • GPH229T5
    • GPH262T5
    • GPH287T5L
    • GPH287T5L/4
    • GPH287T5VH
    • GPH287T5VH/4
    • GPH303T5L
    • GPH303T5VH
    • GPH305T5
    • GPH330T5L/4
    • GPH330T5VH/4
    • GPH357T5L
    • GPH357T5L/4
    • GPH357T5VH
    • GPH357T5VH/4
    • GPH383T5
    • GPH406T5L/4
    • GPH436T5L
    • GPH436T5L/4
    • GPH436T5VH
    • GPH436T5VH/4
    • GPH450T5L/4
    • GPH450T5VH/4
    • GPH463T5L
    • GPH463T5L/4
    • GPH463T5VH/4
    • GPH508T5L/4P
    • GPH620T5L/4
    • GPH620T5VH/4
    • GPH711T5L/4P
    • GPH793T5L
    • GPH793T5L/4
    • GPH793T5L/4P
    • GPH793T5VH
    • GPH793T5VH/4
    • GPH810T5L/4
    • GPH810T5VH/4
    • GPH843T5L
    • GPH843T5VH
    • GPL18K
    • GPL36K
    • PLL18W/TUV
    • PLL36W/TUV
    • TUV 16W 4P-SE
    • TUV 18W
    • TUV 30W
    • TUV 36 4P-SE T5
    • TUV 36W
    • TUV PL-L 18W/4P
    • TUV PL-L 36W/4P

    Cross Reference Part Numbers

    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0053C-R
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0054C-R
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0150
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0152A
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0161
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0162
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0250
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0254
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0260
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0504B
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0505B
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0508B
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0514A
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-0518A
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-1084
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-1090
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-1181A
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-1327
    • Atlantic Ultraviolet Surelite 10-1801
    • Fulham SC-120-287-CUV
    • Fulham SC-120-287-CUV-R
    • Fulham SC-230-287-CUV
    • Fulham SC-230-287-CUV-R
    • Fulham SHS1-UNV-C
    • Fulham SHS1-UNV-C-I
    • Fulham SHS2-MLT-L
    • Fulham SHS4-120-C
    • Philips Advance IUV2S18H1LD
    • Philips Advance IUV2S36M2LD
    • Philips Advance TUVPL18W
    • Robertson 0GPH287
    • Robertson 0GPH28725 /A V1
    • Robertson 0GPH28725P /A V1
    • Robertson 0GPH28736 /A V1
    • Robertson NES165508P
    • Robertson NES16550AP
    • Robertson NES20604P
    • Robertson NES25P /A
    • Robertson NESGPH28726P
    • Robertson NESGPH28745
    • Robertson NESGPH28746P
    • Robertson NESGPH287P
    • Robertson NESGPH287PDVWSL
    • Robertson OGPH28735
    • Robertson PSK2GPH18MV
    • Robertson PSM2GPH18MVW
    • Robertson PSM2GPH18MVWS
    • Robertson PSP2GPH18MVWSL
    • Robertson RSO1G12100
    • Robertson RSO1G12120
    • Robertson RSO1G12230
    • Robertson RSO1G12DV
    • Robertson RSO1G15127
    • Robertson RSO1G18100
    • Robertson RSO1G20120
    • Robertson RSO1G20120PWS
    • Robertson RSO1G20230
    • Robertson RSO1G20DV
    • Robertson RSO1G24100
    • Robertson RSO1G25120
    • Robertson RSO1G25230
    • Robertson RSO1G25DV
    • Robertson RSO1G30100
    • Robertson RSO1G40120
    • Robertson RSO1G40230
    • Robertson RSO1G40DV
    • Robertson RSO1G55120
    • Robertson RSO1G55230
    • Robertson RSO1G55DV
    • Robertson RSO1GPH12230
    • Robertson RSO1GPH12DV
    • Robertson RSO1GPH15127
    • Robertson RSO1GPH18100
    • Robertson RSO1GPH20120
    • Robertson RSO1GPH20120WS
    • Robertson RSO1GPH20230
    • Robertson RSO1GPH20DV
    • Robertson RSO1GPH24100
    • Robertson RSO1GPH25120
    • Robertson RSO1GPH25230
    • Robertson RSO1GPH25DV
    • Robertson RSO1GPH30100
    • Robertson RSO1GPH30120
    • Robertson RSO1GPH30230
    • Robertson RSO1GPH30DV
    • Robertson RSO1GPH40120
    • Robertson RSO1GPH40230
    • Robertson RSO1GPH40DV
    • Robertson RSO1GPH40DVWS
    • Robertson RSO1GPH55120
    • Robertson RSO1GPH55230
    • Robertson RSO1GPH55DV
    • Robertson S165508P /A V2
    • Robertson SGPH28725
    • Robertson SS14UV /A V2
    • Robertson SS16550
    • Robertson SS1655025CP
    • Robertson SS165508PA
    • Robertson SS165508RC3
    • Robertson SS16550AP
    • Robertson SS16550P
    • Robertson SS16550P-8
    • Robertson SS19PUV
    • Robertson SS25
    • Robertson SS25P
    • Robertson SS25RCLA
    • Robertson SS3025
    • Robertson SS40B-3
    • Robertson SS40BP
    • Robertson SS40BP-3
    • Robertson SSGOH287P
    • Robertson SSGPH287
    • Robertson SSGPH2871105
    • Robertson SSGPH28711550
    • Robertson SSGPH28725 /A V2
    • Robertson SSGPH28725P /G V2
    • Robertson SSGPH28726
    • Robertson SSGPH28735
    • Robertson SSGPH28735 /C V2
    • Robertson SSGPH28735P /B V2
    • Robertson SSGPH28745
    • Robertson SSGPH28745P
    • Robertson SSGPH28745PWS
    • Robertson SSGPH28746P
    • Robertson SSGPH28746PB1
    • Robertson SSGPH28746PB1 /A V2
    • Robertson SSGPH28746RC
    • Robertson SSGPH2875
    • Robertson SSGPH28755
    • Robertson SSGPH28755 /A V2
    • Robertson SSGPH287P
    • Robertson SSGPH287P130 /C V2
    • Robertson SSGPH287PWT /B V2
    • Robertson SSGPH287RCWS /A V2

    About Robertson

    Robertson Lighting has been in business for nearly seventy years, specializing in fluorescent electronic, fluorescent magnetic, fluorescent dimming, ultraviolet germicidal UVC, and HID ballasts. The company does all of its own manufacturing to ensure quality control.

    Ballast TypeElectronic
    Input Frequency50-60Hz
    Input Volts120-277
    Start MethodProgram Start
    Warranty5 Years

    ProLampSales Order Code4812323291268


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