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    Ushio 1001267 PH211 - 75W - A21 - E26 Medium Base - Incandescent Enlarger Bulb - 30ct

    Ushio 1001267 PH211 - 75W - A21 - E26 Medium Base - Incandescent Enlarger Bulb - 30ct

    • $132.95

    ($4.43 Each - Sold in Case of 30)

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    This product is an Ushio 1001267 PH211 incandescent enlarger bulb. It uses 75 watts. This bulb has an A21 shape and an E26 medium base. It is primarily used for photographic enlarger applications.

    Cross Reference Part Numbers

    • Imported Lamp Code PF603E
    • Eiko 03663 PH/211
    • GE 40569 PH/211
    • Ushio 1001267 PH211, A-21

    Equipment Used In

    • Accura 35
    • Accura 66
    • Alco Photo Supply FilmarexII
    • Alco Photo Supply Filmarex
    • Alco Photo Supply Filmarus
    • American Gauge & Mfg. Teletube Kopykit Conversion
    • American Photo Laboratories Precise No. 125
    • American Photo Laboratories Precise No. 160
    • American Photo Laboratories Precise No. 160A
    • A.P. Products Jiffy Photo Enlarger
    • Austin Machine & Tool Austin Custom Built
    • Beseler 45M
    • Beseler 45AF
    • Beseler 45H
    • Beseler 45MCX
    • Beseler 45MCRX
    • Beseler 45MXII
    • Bogen Photo Mini-35
    • Bogen Photo Super-66
    • Bogen Photo Super-66B
    • Bogen Photo Color-69
    • Bogen Photo PR-45
    • Bogen Photo Salon Special
    • Bogen Photo Sub-II Super Pro
    • Bogen Photo 22 Special
    • Bogen Photo S-35 22A
    • Bogen Photo T-35
    • Bogen Photo 67 Special
    • Bogen Photo 22
    • Bogen Photo 22A
    • Bogen Photo 67
    • Bogen Photo 69 T-35
    • Bogen Photo Mini-6/35
    • Burke & James Solar Jr. No. 1
    • Burke & James Solar Jr. No. 2
    • Burke & James Solar Jr. No. 3
    • Burke & James No. 4
    • Burke & James No. 35
    • Burke & James No. 66
    • Burke & James Mark II 150
    • California Tech Products Minilite Enlarger
    • Chess-United Beacon Lite 4x4 cm
    • Chess-United Beacon Lite 6x6 cm
    • Chess-United Ideal
    • Chess-United Super Multifax
    • Compco Corp. No. 135
    • Compco Corp. No. 324
    • Consolidated Inst. Parts CIPCO Everedi
    • Curtis Laboratories Contact Color Separation Printer
    • De Jur Amsco Versatile I
    • De Jur Amsco Versatile II
    • De Jur Amsco Versatile Professional
    • Durst North American R305 (Reporter)
    • Durst North American 404
    • Durst North American 606
    • Durst North American 609
    • Durst North American M600
    • Durst North American A600
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    • Durst North American F60
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    • Durst North American U-70 (Unomat)
    • Durst North American D-659 (Duomat)
    • Durst North American Laborator 54
    • Durst North American M-301
    • Durst North American M-601
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    • Eastman Kodak Elipton Auto FocusF (5x7)
    • Eastman Kodak Color Enlarger Precision A
    • Eastman Kodak Color Enlarger Advance
    • Elwood Pattern Works BM Miniature
    • Elwood Pattern Works Model S
    • Elwood Pattern Works Studio S-2
    • Elwood Pattern Works 5x7
    • Elwood Pattern Works AM-3
    • Elwood Pattern Works Model 120
    • Elwood Pattern Works Model 129
    • Federal 219 Store-Away-Jr.
    • Federal 240 Store-Away-Jr.
    • Federal 288 Store-Away-Jr.
    • Federal 312 Store-Away-Jr.
    • Federal 269 Store-Away-Jr.
    • Federal 246 Store-Away-Sr.
    • Federal 279 Store-Away-Sr.
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    • Federal 222
    • Federal 450
    • FR Corp. FR Minolta 3 in 1
    • Graflex Variograph
    • Grant Photo Products Senior
    • Hansa Prima 635
    • Hansa Prima S-635
    • Hansa Prima H-2000
    • Karl Heitz Primos 35 Autofocus
    • Karl Heitz Primos Professional 35
    • Karl Heitz Autoflex Testreflex 35
    • Hornstein Photo Sales Kadet
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    • IMC Division, Interphoto Corp. Inter 66
    • Kindermann Manual 35
    • Kindermann Subminiature
    • Kindermann Autofocus 35, 2 1/4 x 2 1/4
    • Kindermann Autofocus 2 1/4 x 3 1/4, 4x5
    • Leitz Focomat
    • Leitz Focomat 1
    • Leitz Focomat 1B
    • Leitz Focomat 1C
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    • Leitz Vasex I
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    • Ponder & Best 35 mm
    • Ponder & Best 2 1/4 x 2 1/4
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    • Simmon Omega Automega D-3/C
    • Simmon Omega Automega D-3/V
    • Simmon Omega Automega E5/C
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    • Testrite Instrument Fotolarger Junior I
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    • Unicolor Delux B&W & Color Enlarger
    • Vivitar E-32
    • Vivitar E-33
    • Vivitar E-36
    • Vivitar E-34
    • Vivitar E-54
    • Vivitar E-74

    About Ushio

    Founded in 1964, Ushio's main business is specialty lighting. Types of products offered include stage/studio bulbs, medical lamps, digital lighting and video processing equipment, ultraviolet, and LED systems. Their lighting equipment is used in projection, life sciences, infection prevention, semiconductor, and specialty lighting applications.

    ANSI CodePH211
    BaseE26 Medium
    Bulb ShapeA21
    Color Temperature3000
    Diameter (mm)67
    Lamp TypeIncandescent
    MOL (mm)126
    Rated Life Hours100

    ProLampSales Order Code7004741140680
    ModelPH211, A-21 3000K
    HS Code853929


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