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    Soraa Raises the Bar for Precise Color Rendering

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    Soraa Raises the Bar for Precise Color Rendering

    Soraa’s reputation as a premium manufacturer of LED directional lighting rests largely on its VIVID line of LED MR and PAR lamps.

    On the traditional color rendering scale, VIVID series lamps have a 95 CRI making them suitable for most color critical lighting applications including art galleries, museums, restaurants and high end retail.

    Other brands also offer LED lamps with CRI in the 90’s. What sets Soraa apart is how they have added other color science methods in their technology to produce arguably the standard in color quality for LED lamps.

    In evaluating their technology, Soraa uses the new Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) TM-30 color rendition method which improves on the traditional CRI approach. TM-30 fixes limitations of the CRI method and also provides manufacturers and specifiers with more detailed color rendering data.

    For example TM-30 includes a color Fidelity Index (Rf), Gamut Index (Rg) and Color Vector Graphic. These and other metrics derived from TM-30 give a manufacturer such as Soraa, as well as specifiers, a more complete system for evaluating the color rendering accuracy of their lamps.

    Soraa VIVID series lamps offer optimized color fidelity including high R9 (+95) values and a smooth spectrum from violet to deep red that provides natural saturation and extremely precise color rendering.

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