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    Retail Store Lighting

    Retail Store Lighting

    In retail settings, lighting is vital to the customer experience. Without proper light levels and quality, retailers would be unable to tell the story of the products they are offering to buyers.

    About Retail Lighting

    External facade lighting can include both wallpacks for functionality and LED strip lights for adding color and accents. Floodlights and wall sconces can also be used depending on the situation.

    Merchandise Displays

    Depending on the type of merchandise the store sells, different types of light will be used. General ambient lighting can include ceiling fluorescent fixtures and tubes, or wall lights. Accent lighting can be utilized to highlight different areas or groups of products.

    High-End Boutiques

    For smaller boutiques with higher-end products, color rendering is critical. Clothing, jewelry, and high-end electronics will look better with crisp, bright white light and high quality to bring out finishes, textures, and colors.

    Ceramic metal halide bulbs are often used in these stores, as well as directional LED PAR or MR bulbs. High CRI light bulbs should be considered when upgrading to LED.

    Display Cases

    Similar to high-end retail stors, display cases should be well lit and color rendering should be considered. T5 fluorescent tubes are one idea, while T5 LEDs can save on energy costs. LED strips also also widely utilized for lighting display cases. Eith either strips or T5s, one benefit is the low profile of these bulbs.

    Store Perimeter

    Store perimeters often used hidden soffits with fluorescent tubes. These present an opportunity to upgrade to linear LED tubes to sae on money. The soffits provide vertical light down the wall, illuminating display racks or shelves, and can draw customers from the entrance and center of the store to outlying areas.

    Customer Service and Point of Sale

    Point of sale and customer service kiosks should be lit for functionality and ease of use. Staff require sufficient lighting to carry out tasks, while the entire area should be differently lit to help guide customers to these areas when they need help or are ready to check out.

    The fixtures and bulbs used in these areas have typically been linear fluorescents or halogen, but are also increasingly being upgraded to LED.

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