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    UVC PTAC Air Conditioning Disinfection Systems

    Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) can be found in hotel/motel rooms, residences, classrooms, and other spaces where a central HVAC ventilation system is unavailable. Because of their small size and heavy use, they can become breeding grounds for microbes. The PTAC UVC systems on this page are designed to fit a wide range of room air conditioners, improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reducing the risk of airborne diseases. They use ultraviolet germicidal bulbs to inhibit bacteria, mold, virus, and fungal growth inside of PTAC units.

    PTAC UVC Buying Tips

    Buying a UVC kit for a room air conditioner or other PTAC unit is relatively simple. The goal with UVC for these systems is to irradiate the coils inside of the AC unit, keeping them clean of microbial growth and keeping the air cleaner overall.

    Here are the factors to consider when buying a UVC system for a PTAC.


    The bulb length should be the longest necessary to irradiate the coils inside the air conditioner. That will provide the most coverage of ultraviolet light, reduce shadows where pathogens can hide and breed, and fit inside the unit.

    The amount of space available to mount the PTAC UVC kit should be measured before ordering. Getting a bulb that is too short will make the UV less effective, while a bulb that is too long may not fit inside the unit at all.

    Bulb Protection

    Bulbs used in UVC PTAC kits are either standard or coated to be shatterproof.

    For businesses, shatterproof may be the way to go. If the unit is moved, damaged, or tampered with, the shatterproof bulb may break but not allow glass or mercury to escape the shatterproof coating.

    For homeowners, the decision to get a standard or shatterproof bulb comes down mostly to how often the air conditioner is moved. The more movement, the more risk for bulb breakage. But if the AC unit is rarely moved, then a regular UVC bulb will be more cost effective.

    PTAC UVC Disinfection System - 22" Bulb Length

    American Ultraviolet PEK-24


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