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    UVC Air & Surface Disinfection

    air and surface disinfection units

    Our air and surface purification systems use ultraviolet germicidal light bulbs to deactivate harmful bacterial, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. The short-wave radiation produced by the UV germicidal bulbs is lethal to the DNA of these microorganisms. These systems are ideal for many applications, providing safe, fast, and economic benefits, with ease of use and simple maintenance.

    Coronavirus Air/Surface Disinfection Guide

    The impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world has raised interest in ultraviolet disinfection. This is meant as a quick guide for consumers new to using germicidal light to disinfect air and surfaces, as well as a guide to the products below.

    Spot Cleaning Applications - Portable, Handheld ($)

    Portable, handheld germicidal equipment is available for spot cleaning almost any surface. The Biolux line includes several easily portable fixtures. Combined with appropriate protective wear (safety glasses, face shields, long-sleeves and pants, etc.), they can be used in a wide variety of settings. They can be used to deactivate microorganisms on containers, wearable equipment, workplace surfaces, and more.

    In-Duct (HVAC Access) Applications ($$)

    For businesses and homes that have an HVAC system, installing an in-duct ultraviolet system is one more line of defense against harmful microorganisms. As air circulates through the HVAC, it is treated by the germicidal light. These systems provide a continuous disinfection as long as the heat, air conditioning, or furnace fan is running. These are also appropriate where it may not be wise to have any equipment with unshielded germicidal light, such as homes or businesses with children. The Aero-Logic series is our in-duct workhorse

    Occupied Room Disinfection (No HVAC Access) ($$$)

    For areas with no HVAC access, the Sanitaire series of occupied room UVC air movers may be appropriate. These units use an electrostatic filter, blower, and germicidal lights to create an air flow through the space, providing continuous treatment of air that is pumped through the equipment. These may be used in spaces that are occupied because the lights are shielded.

    For spaces with high ceilings, the Hygeaire line is worth looking into. These systems are designed to purify upper room air to prevent cross-infection. They are only designed to be used above where humans could be exposed to the light.

    Medical Grade Portable Disinfection ($$$$)

    For disinfection of large spaces that need a lot of germicidal coverage, the Sanidyne portable room santizers may be used. These systems utilize multiple germicidal lamps arranged in a circular pattern and should only be used in unoccupied spaces. Some common applications are surgery rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, and more.

    Other Applications

    The SaniRay and SaniLight line, as well as some of the Biolux strip fixtures, provide unshielded germicidal light in various types of surface-mounted fixtures. These have a wide range of applications, but are not usually suitable for the average consumer. For consumers interested in utilizing germicidal air and surface purification, shielded fixtures, in-duct systems, and handheld fixtures for spot cleaning should be enough, combined with other common sanitization practices.

    Water Purification

    Although the main focus of coronavirus disinfection has been on air and surfaces, it is worth considering an ultraviolet water purification system. These systems can be used in smaller homes/apartments, boats, RVs, and large municipal water treatment facilities. They use germicidal light to deactivate harmful microorganisms in the water supply and can be installed in sinks at the point of use.

    Replacement Bulbs

    Over time and with usage, the output of ultraviolet bulbs will diminish. While many germicidal UVC bulbs are rated for 9,000-12,000 hours, they may operate long after that, but with diminished power. It is recommended to replace the bulb in air/surface or water disinfection units once a year or more, depending on how often and how long they are used. We carry a wide range of standard UV bulbs (UVA, UVB, and UVC), as well as very specialized bulbs for specific makes/models of equipment.

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