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    Halogen MR

    halogen MR light bulbs

    ProLampSales offers a wide selection of halogen MR light bulbs. Find the MR multifaceted reflector halogen lamp you need easier by clicking on one of the categories below. If you don't see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In many cases, we can find the MR halogen bulb you need at a competitive price.

    About Halogen MR Bulbs

    Halogen MR shape bulbs provide a controlled beam of white light perfectly suited to museum, art gallery, retail and residential track and accent lighting.

    Many halogen MR lamps come in variations with cover glass for UV protection or with color filters. The small form factor and 12V circuit allows for unlimited creative installations while minimizing the visual impact from larger 120V light bulbs. In fact, while halogen MR bulbs can be found in 120 volt with a GU10 base, these bulbs are measurably larger than the 12 volt varieties.

    Benefits of MR Light Bulbs Over PAR and BR

    MR16, MR13, MR11, and MR8 shaped light bulbs are low voltage, bi-pin halogen reflectors that come in a wide variety of sizes and wattages.

    MR stands for "multifaceted reflector." MR bulbs were originally developed for the projector industry but later found widespread use in applications such as track lighting.

    The main advantages of MRs, compared to PAR, R, or BR type reflector bulbs, are the following.

    • Small size
    • Whiter appearing light, 2850K - 3200K
    • More precise beam control

    Of course, substituting them for existing 120V PAR, R or BR screw based bulbs is generally not an option. However, for new projects or remodels, it is worth considering MR16s for dynamic accent lighting or special downlight applications where the goal is to create well defined pools of light. In addition, because they are inherently directional, MR type bulbs are a very good match for LED technology.

    Comparing Halogen MR to LED MR Replacements

    If you are replacing halogen MR16s with LEDs, pay attention to two specifications: make sure the beam angle is close to the same, and, also try to match the "center beam candle power" or CBCP. This is a measure of the intensity of the light, which is a more important metric than overall lumens, particularly for narrow beam spotlights designed to highlight objects or art.

    While many general purpose halogen MR lamps are now discontinued due to stricter federal energy efficiency guidelines, a large number of specialty lamps are still available. In most cases, LED has not yet been able to match the smaller beam angles or higher brightness of these bulbs, and it is unclear when LED MR technology will catch up. So for many applications, halogen MR is still the best and only option.

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