ProLampSales offers a large selection of projection products, from replacement lamps for DLP projectors to cinema projectors and slide/overhead. Find the projection equipment you need easier by selecting one of the categories below. If you do not see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In most cases, we can find the projector equipment you need at a competitive price.

About Projection

Replacement Projector Lamps

Over time and with usage, projector lamp life declines. Many projector lamps are rated for 1,500 to several thousand hours, but brightness diminishes as the projector is used. We sell both factory OEM replacement lamps, which are the 100% original lamps that came with the projector, as well as compatible modules. We only pick the highest-quality projector lamp companies that use name-brand bulbs inside of their compatible cages, ensuring the longest possible life for your replacement lamp.

Bare Projector & Bulbs

Although replacing the lamp module (bulb inside of the cage) is the easiest method for replacing a projector lamp, we carry a wide line of replacement bare bulbs from Osram. Osram's P-VIP line of mercury short arc bulbs are used in a wide range of front projectors and rear projection televisions. For manufacturers and more technically-minded projector owners, replacing the bare bulb can be cost effective compared to buying a full lamp module. However, the bare bulb should be handled carefully and never touched except while wearing gloves, as oil from skin can dramatically shorten the bulb's life.

Cinema Xenon Projector Lamps

High wattage cinema xenon lamps have been the standard since the 1970s for commercial theaters. While many cinemas are upgrading to laser projectors, there are still many xenon lamp projectors in use. The major cinema projector manufacturers are Barco, Christie, NEC, and Sony. IMAX projectors have their own line of xenon lamps, as well. These xenon short arc lamps come in a wide variety of wattages and connectors, so choosing the correct bulb is essential. These lamps should also be handled with extreme care. Similar to cinema lamps are large venue projector lamps, which also commonly use short arc xenon bulbs that can be replaced individually without replacing the whole module and housing.

Legacy Projectors - Overhead & Slide

We carry a large and growing number of replacement light bulbs for overhead projectors and slide projectors. While these types of projectors have largely been replaced by computers, tablets, display screens, and electronic whiteboards, many are still in service in schools and owned by collectors and consumers. In many cases, where images have not been digitized, pulling out the slide projector may be the only way to view media. Without the replacement light bulbs for these projectors, images of important people, scenes, and documents could be lost forever. Additionally, not even display screens have replaced the ease of use and editing capability of overhead projectors and slides. Typically, these projectors use a halogen light bulb with a specific three-letter code (called an ANSI code), making replacement of the bulb confusing but somewhat easier. Many of these ANSI-coded light bulbs are still manufactured, although the market is shrinking in terms of supply and demand.

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