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ProLampSales offers a large selection of projection products, from replacement lamps to screens and mounts. Find the projection equipment you need easier by selecting one of the categories below. If you do not see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In most cases, we can find the projector equipment you need at a competitive price.

About Projection

Replacement Projector Lamps

Over time and with usage, projector lamp life declines. Many projector lamps are rated for 1,500 to several thousand hours, but brightness diminishes as the projector is used. We sell both factory OEM replacement lamps, which are the 100% original lamps that came with the projector, as well as compatible modules. We only pick the highest-quality projector lamp companies that use name-brand bulbs inside of their compatible cages, ensuring the longest possible life for your replacement lamp.


Sometimes, it's not worth replacing the projector lamp, or you need a projector for a new application. We sell a wide range of projectors from brand like Christie, Hitachi, and Maxell. From small businesses to commercial-grade applications, we've tried making it easier to find the lamp, LED, or laser projector you need. And we keep up to date with the industry on our popular projector-focused blog.

Projection Screens

Buying a screen can be a complicated business. Do you need a fixed screen? A portable one? A manual screen? An electric screen? Or do you need a rear projection system? In any case, we've made available some of the most popular and durable projection screens, with a wide range of sizes and surface options.

Projector Lifts

For commercial spaces, the projector may not always be in use, and its presence in a room may not be desired. A projector lift will conveniently hide the projector in the ceiling. We carry a number of different types of lifts for projectors and video conferencing equipment. Also check out the numerous accessories we offer for these lifts, including ceiling finish kits and closure panels, and environmental airspace housings.


We offer a number of kiosks with options for media player, panel size, and touch ability. These panels offer simple installation and maintenance, while providing an all-in-one solution for the commercial market.

Projector Mounts & Racks

While we carry a number of projector mounts and mount kits, we also carry monitor mounts, display/screen mounts, and tablet, video conferencing, and whiteboard mounts. These products offer solutions for mounting almost any type of A/V equipment. In addition, we carry a line of racks that make it easier to store or transport projectors and related electrical equipment.

LED Video Panels

LED video panels can be used to create a display wall. Commonly used for large events, these panels can display text, live feeds, or full-color graphics. These products are modular and can be sized to fit any application or space. Fully scalable, our LED video panels can also be used in custom configurations.

TV Bulbs

Although rear projection televisions have largely been replaced by flat panel LCD or plasma TV sets, many of these older televisions are still in use. As the TV lamps in these units age, picture brightness can diminish significantly. While many original equipment manufacturers no longer manufacture replacement bulbs for TVs, secondary markets have stepped in to fill the void with premium compatible bulbs and lamp modules, restoring old television sets to like-new quality.

Legacy Projectors - Overhead & Slide

We carry a large and growing number of replacement light bulbs for overhead projectors and slide projectors. While these types of projectors have largely been replaced by computers, tablets, display screens, and electronic whiteboards, many are still in service in schools and owned by collectors and consumers. In many cases, where images have not been digitalized, pulling out the slide projector may be the only way to view media. Without the replacement light bulbs for these projectors, images of important people, scenes, and documents could be lost forever. Additionally, not even display screens have replaced the ease of use and editing capability of overhead projectors and slides.

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