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All educational institutions, from local public and private schools to the largest universities in the world, utilize a wide range of light bulbs, fixtures, and equipment.

About School & Educational Lighting

Classrooms, Hallways, Offices

Fluorescent tubes and ballasts are commonly used in these areas, although LED replacements for linear fluorescent are becoming more widespread. Occupancy sensors and other lighting controls are also typically installed in these areas where lights do not need to be on at all times, but only when staff and students are present. Classrooms, hallways, and offices are some of the most trafficked areas of the institution, so it is critical to have adequate light levels and quality.

Gymnasiums & Arenas

Metal halide lamps are often used to light gymnasiums, stadiums, and arenas on school grounds. These light bulbs output high amounts of light. Increasingly, though, these lamps are also being superceded by LED HID replacements, which offer the same levels of light for much lower energy costs. Another beneift of LED HID bulbs is the lower maintenance cost with the longer life of LEDs.

Media Centers & Departments

Projectors of all kinds are used throughout schools. In large lecture halls, numerous digital projectors may be required, while conference rooms and classrooms may only need one projector. Many of these also require mounts for projectors and display screens. Schools and universities can extend the life of their equipment by installing replacement projector lamps instead of replacing the entire projector.

There is also still a large base of teachers utilizing older slide and overhead projectors to convey information, and the replacement light bulbs for these are becoming more difficult to find as they are phased out for digial solutions. We still offer a wide range of slide and overhead projector bulbs.

Science & Medical Laboratories

Laboratories are full of specialty equipment that do not use standard light bulbs or fixtures. For these microscopes, surgical equipment, examination equipment, endoscopes, dental lights, and others, we carry a wide range of medical replacement bulbs.

And while medical equipment can be extremely specialized, so can scientific instruments and equipment. We carry a large selection of ultraviolt bulbs, including blacklights and germicidal bulbs. We also have small and large water and air purification machines for almost any scientific or institutional application.

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