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    UVC Room Air Purifiers

    UVC room air purifiers

    Ultraviolet UVC air mover room purifiers are full systems that use filters, blowers, and germicidal light bulbs to provide controlled flow of purified air in occupied or unoccupied spaces. They typically use a washable electrostatic, absolute HEPA, or disposable particulate filter, and can be mounted on ceilings or walls, although some are also very portable. Common applications include food processing, pharmaceutical, dairy plants, bakeries, methadone clinics, clean rooms, homeless shelters, jails and prisons, and more.

    About UVC Air Purifiers & Scrubbers

    Air Purifiers

    Ultraviolet UVC air purifiers are also known as air recirculation units. The consist of ultraviolet germicidal light bulbs, filters, a fan or blower, and louvers.

    The filter near the intake removes larger particles like dust, allergens, hair, fur, and dirt from the air. Particles like bacteria, viruses, and mold that are too small to be caught by the filter are then passed over the UVC bulbs as the internal fan pushes air through the system.

    These units utilize UVC lamps to provide high doses of germicidal power inside the unit, after which the cleaned and treated air is pushed through the outtake. The outtake almost always uses louvers so air can pass through but harmful germicidal light stays contained in the system.

    When designed and installed properly, ultraviolet air purifiers are safe in occupied spaces and provide cleaner air. They are also flexible in design, with either wall-mounted or free standing units, recessed ceiling fixtures, and mobile versions on wheels.

    UV Air Purifier Applications

    These units are most often used as supplemental air cleaning in healthcare facilities that already use a UVC HVAC system. They can also be used by businesses or consumers who do not have access to their building's main HVAC system. In some cases, installing a UVC cooling coil or in-duct HVAC fixture may not be feasible for the situation.

    Sizing a UV air purifier for various room sizes is one of the most important considerations when choosing a unit. Depending on the power of the fixture and the size of the room, the clean air delivery rate can vary widely.

    In at least one study, the EPA verified that a unit of this type was able to deliver effective UV doses.

    Air Scrubbers

    Ultraviolet air scrubbers often use higher powered fans and HEPA filters. They can be much louder than smaller units and are often used in industrial settings, large areas, or for damage remediation.

    Especially when a HEPA filter is used, these units will require higher energy consumption and airflow.

    Auxiliary Components

    Some air purifiers or air scrubbers use extra components to contribute to air disinfection. Some of them can also help eliminate odors more effectively than air filtration and UV alone.

    The most common auxiliary technologies in air recirculation units are TiO2, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), charcoal filters, or other ionization components.

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