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    UVC Cooling Coil HVAC

    UVC cooling coil systems

    ProLampSales offers a wide selection of ultraviolet UVC disinfection systems for cooling coils. Find the UVC cooling coil disinfection fixtures you need easier by clicking on one of the categories below. If you don't see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with one of our lighting specialists. In many cases, we can find the UVC cooling coil system you need at a competitive price.

    About UVC Cooling Coil Disinfection

    Disinfection of cooling coils with UVC irradiation is one of the most successful applications of ultraviolet disinfection technology. Benefits include both improved indoor air quality and reduction of energy bills.

    The cooling coils in a commercial building are one of the main sources of airborne microbes inside of the HVAC system and the ventilation ducts. Biofilms can build up on the coils, which then enter the airstream, spreading through entire buildings.

    Installing ultraviolet germicidal fixtures that continuously irradiate the coils can reduce and eliminate biofilms that have already grown, while preventing new buildup of harmful microbes.

    Because UVC cooling coil fixtures are designed to be operated continuously, very high wattages are often not required, as long as coverage is appropriate. The continuous operation of the UVC bulbs on the cooling coil surface will eventually result in disinfection of the surface. Even if only one side of the coil can be irradiated, both sides will eventually become clean because of the long exposure times.

    The size of the coil, distance from the bulbs to the coil, and whether the germicidal fixtures are being installed in a new air handling system or an existing one are all factors that need to be considered. Additionally, lamp wattage will also play a role. For cooling coil disinfection, shatterproof bulbs are often used, as well as lamps with a watertight connector. UV ballasts are usually external and remote, and they will often indicate lamp failure without having to check the lamps manually.

    Energy Efficiency Improvements with UVC Cooling Coil Disinfection

    According to one manufacturer of UVC HVAC equipment, installation of cooling coil irradiation can provide a payback in 2-4 years in terms of lower energy costs.

    There are two reasons why cooling coil disinfection with ultraviolet bulbs helps with energy efficiency.

    1. Reduced Pressure Loss: Once microbes growing on the coils are eliminated, there will be a reduction in pressure loss
    2. Increased Heat Transfer Rate: When existing biofilms are removed, the result is an increased rate of heat transfer in the cooling coils themselves

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