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    Church Lighting

    Church lighting

    As some of the most ornate, decorative, but widely used buildings in the world, churches and other places of worship present unique lighting challenges. From brightly-lit lobbies and classrooms to more sacred, subdued lighting in sanctuaries and chapels, managers of church buildings need a wide range of lighting solutions.

    About Church Lighting


    In church lobbies, recessed downlights, decorative pendants, and other accent lights are common. Many of these fixtures traditionally used halogen or CFL bulbs, but many modern churches are switching entirely to LED recessed downlight fixtures or replacement LED bulbs. In churches connected to a school, fluorescent tubes may be common in lobbies and hallway areas.

    Sanctuaries & Chapels

    From pendant lights to wall sconces, the chapel features the most decroative and accent lighting in the building. These decorative fixtures may be hanging down from the ceiling and be difficult to change the lamps on, making long life an essential maintenance and safety feature. Traditionally, these fixtures would have used incandescent or halogen bulbs to provide the warmer color of light typically seen in chapels. However, with the much lower cost of LED bulbs now, their longer life and lower maintenance cost are the obvious choice for churches.

    Classrooms, Hallways, Offices

    As utilitarian rooms in the church building, the offices, classrooms, and hallways often used traditional fluorescent lampss and ballasts. While LED T8 replacements are available, fluorescent tubes are still the rule.

    Projection Systems

    Many churches, especially the largest ones and congregations that broadcast their meetings online or on television, have a need for projection systems. Smaller, cost-effective digital projectors can be used in classrooms, while higher-tech projectors offer more features and can meet the needs of larger venues.

    Many projectors now use laser technology, which do not require a lamp, but most projectors now in use and being manufactured still require a lamp. Instead of replacing the whole projector when the lamp starts to burn out, consider replacing the lamp for a fraction of the cost. We offer both 100% OEM projector modules, as well as various types of compatible replacements.

    Exterior, Security, & Parking Lots

    From simple visibility and security concerns, many churches are now taking advantage of the developments in LED lighting technology to illuminate the exterior of church buildings. LED bulbs and fixtures are cost effective and can be used all night to make the building stand out, as well as provide extra security.

    For parking lots, garages, and building entrances, wall pack fixtures remaina a workhorse of lighting. Also, metal halide bulbs are often used in parking lot fixtures, although LED HID replacements are gaining ground, offering longer life and better quality of light.

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