LED HID Replacement Bulbs

LED HID and Metal Halide Replacement Light Bulbs

LED replacements for high watt HID lamps provide savings of up to 80% on energy costs and reduced maintenance with a 50,000 hour LED rated life. These LED lamps replicate the lighting performance of high-intensity discharge and metal halide bulbs. The LED lamps include UL Type A direct replacement and UL-Type B ballast bypass with line voltage wired to the socket. LED lamps are available to replace HID and metal halide bulbs in post top, wall pack, high/low bay, cobra head and industrial fixtures. If you have questions, please call one of our lighting specialists at 800.784.1998.

LED for HID Lamp Retrofit Options

Manufacturers of LED lamps designed to replace metal halide generally offer three installation options:

  • UL Type A: Ballast Compatible
  • UL Type B: Ballast Bypass with Line Voltage to the Socket
  • UL Type C: External Driver

UL Type A Installation

For ease of installation and lower overall install expense, UL Type A lamp retrofits are the choice. Simply remove the metal halide lamp and install the LED.

However, some compromises are inherent in this type of installation. Because the lamps operate directly off the existing metal halide ballast, the efficacy of the LED lamp may be degraded by an inefficient ballast. In addition if the ballast is old, it may stop working long before the LED lamp. This will require an additional cost.

UL Type B Installation

An electrician is required to remove the existing ballast and re-wire line voltage directly to the socket. The advantages of this approach is eliminating compatibility issues with a ballast. This is the simplest total system with excellent LED efficacy. Disadvantages include the need to install a fuse to avoid injury if future maintenance staff reinstall metal halide lamps and the higher overall install cost compared to UL Type A.

Ultimately, the decision for which type of LED installation to use depends on an assessment of the existing ballast (is it relatively new and efficient or old and inefficient) and on the budget.

UL Type C Installation

This installation is typically preferred by LED manufacturers, as the bulb and driver are matched for compatibility and efficiency. The LED lamp life will not be compromised as with the Type A installation.

In Type C installations, the existing ballast and bulb are removed, with the new LED bulb and driver installed.

These types of products are often marketed as LED HID retrofit kits and come with both the bulb and driver, either separately or as an integrated unit. While generally more expensive up front, these solutions usually have the longest life, requiring less maintenance over time.

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