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Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial Building Lighting

Commercial buildings provide a wealth of opportunities to design functional but creative lighting solutions. LEDs have revolutionized how lighting systems are conceptualized, and given facility managers and lighting designers more options for different sources and quality of light, as appropriate to any area.

About Commercial Building Lighting


Offers predominate in most commercial buildings, from one-story office parks to skyscrapers housing numerous suites and companies. Fluorescent bulbs and ballasts have long been used to light these areas, although linear LED is gaining in popularity, as well as LED troffers and LED recessed lighting.

Because offices are mainly used during normal business hours only, they present great opportunities for lighting controls like occupancy sensors, which can turn off lights when no one is present. This can represent a significant energy savings.

Hallways & Stairwells

These are additional areas where fluorescent fixtures have traditionally dominated. They can be replaced with commercial LED indoor fixtures, or older fixtures can be retrofitted with emergency ballasts to meet new egress lighting codes.

Hallways and stairwells are also popular areas for emergency lights and exit signs to direct traffic throughout the building. Most exit signs manufactured are now fully LED, although older fixtures with traditional light bulbs can utilize LED exit sign retrofit kits.

Lobby Areas

There is often a main lobby to the entire building, as well as numerous company-specific lobbies throughout the facility. Common lights in these areas are recessed downlights, track lighting, and fluorescent fixtures. For energy savings, older CFL pin-based bulbs now have LED replacements, and LED bulbs of all sorts are available for retrofitting.

Conference Rooms

Large or small, an office building may contain numerous conference rooms. While some of these may have LCD flat panels requiring only display mounts, others may utilize entire projection systems, including the digital projector, projection screen, and any lifts or mounts necessary to put it all together.

One easy way to prolong the life of an expensive projector is to replace burned-out projector bulbs. When quality is a concern OEM projector lamps are the way to go, but replacement compatible lamp modules are also an option for businesses on a budget.

Conference rooms can also benefit from lighting controls like dimmers (for when the projector is in use) and occupancy sensors to turn off lights when the room is unused.

Restrooms & Utility Areas

Restrooms and utility rooms provide further opportunities for occupancy sensors. And while they most often contain fluorescent fixtures and linear tubes, these can be upgraded to LED for more energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

Emergency & Exit

Directing traffic into and out of a building is important and becomes vital if there is a power outage or other emergency. Emergency ballasts and emergency light fixtures can be used to keep lights on in an emergency for a period of time, while LED exit signs can help people in the building efficiently find a way out.

Building Exteriors

Wall pack fixtures are often used on the outside of a building to provide lighting around the exterior. They provide both light for people there late, as well as safety for the facility as a whole. If the building is more decorative in function, LED strips can add personality and color to parts of the building facade.

Parking Areas

Parking areas are important to help visitors navigate to their vehicles, as well as provide enough light for safe movement at any time. Many parking lots still use metal halide lamps, but there are now economically feasible LED HID replacement bulbs.

Parking garages present different challenges, as they are often darker, possibly underground, and the ceilings not high enough for high-mast lighting. In these cases, fluorescent fixtures and metal halide have been the rule, but LED is quickly replacing some of these due to the need for lower energy costs and less maintenance.

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