Hotel & Hospitality Lighting

Hotel and Hospitality Lighting

From simple, inviting hotels to luxurious vacation destinations, lighting can set one hotel apart from all its competitors, as well as contribute to the well-being of staff and guests.

About Hotel & Hospitality Lighting


As the first impression inside the hotel, lobbies can range from functional to elaborate. Fluorescent fixtures with linear fluorescent tubes and ballasts are often found in lobbies, although higher-end ones may feature decorative fixture or recessed downlights. Wall sconces may also be used in any type of lobby.

These fixtures used to feature traditional halogen bulbs, but many hotels are switching to LED light bulbs for energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Newly-built hotels may feature LED-integrated fixtures from the start, which may not use a bulb at all.


Hallways in hotels often feature decorative ceiling fixtures to provide clear path lighting from rooms to elevators. CFL bulbs are often used in these more functional yet decorative fixtures, although even these CFL pin-based lamps now have LED replacements.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms usually feature a range of ceiling fixtures and decorative lamps. These have traditionally utilized halogen or incandescent bulbs to keep the color temperature warm and inviting. LED bulbs are now used throughout hotels in rooms.

To promote better sleep quality for guests, hotels may also consider new zero-blue light bulbs, which do not have any blue wavelength light. These can be used in lamps near the beds.

Bathrooms in hotel rooms often use fluorescent ceiling fixtures or vanity lighting with halogen bulbs. These fixtures are now also switching more to LED replacements.

Conference Rooms

Hotel conference rooms are often rented out for big and large events and conventions. Digital projectors may be used, or large display screens. If a projector is used, the appropriate screen should be considered, and mounts are required for any projector and display screen.

To save on projector replacement costs, hotels should consider replacing only the projector lamp when one burns out or the image starts to flicker or become dim.

In terms of ambient light in hotel conference rooms, recessed lighting is often used, as well as lighting controls like dimmers to reduce light levels when a presentation is being given. When the room is not in use, occupancy sensors can shut down the lights entirely.

Exterior & Parking Areas

For open exterior areas like parking lots or garages, metal halide lamps are still widely installed. However, there are now both LED HID replacement bulbs and 100% LED outdoor fixtures. These can both provide more light, higher quality light, and significant energy savings compared to older lighting technology.

Landscape type lighting is also often used to illuminate garden areas and paths to and from the hotel to parking areas or the street. Photocontrols and time controls can be utilized in these applications to turn the lights off when they are not needed during daylight hours.

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