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About Short Arc Xenon Lighting

xenon arc lamp spectral distribution

Short arc xenon is a highly specialized lighting technology used in commercial cinema projectors, searchlights, medical tools, and industrial equipment. Benefits of these lamps include high color rendering, intense beams and high luminance, and a color temperature similar to sunlight.

Xenon flashlamps and pulsed xenon lamps are a related form of lighting, although most of the products in this category are of the continuous-operation type of xenon arc lamp.

Cinema & Large Venue Projector Lamps

Movie theaters and large venues often use commercial projectors that utilize short arc xenon lamps. The projectors can cost several tens of thousands of dollars, and replacing the lamp is one of the primary upkeep costs of the equipment.

The overall cinema projector line is comparatively small, with a handful of manufacturers producing only a few types of projector. However, the lamps come in a wide range of wattages that can be used in these projectors to fit the requirements of the cinema or venue.

Stage Spotlight & Searchlight Lamps

The short arc xenon lamps we carry for stage lighting are designed for outdoor use in field applications. They provide high luminance and brightness. The 6000K color temperature of xenon arc lamps makes them ideal for simulating daylight. In addition, they have a high color rendering index of over 95.

Helicopter Searchlights

Law enforcement, military, and search and rescue (SAR) helicopters need high lumen output and brightness for night time operations. Short arc xenon helicopter searchlight bulbs are ideal for such applications. They are installed into fixtures with reflectors to maximize light output and simulate daylight at any time.

Ceramic Xenon

Ceramic xenon lamps are used in a wide variety of applications, from projectors to fiber optic illumination to medical lighting. They come in a range of power outputs and can have either an elliptical or parabolic reflector. Many of the ones we sell are replacements to be used in existing equipment.

Medical & Scientific Applications

Due to their broad spectral distribution and high color rendering, xenon short arc bulbs are used in many medical and scientific lighting applications. A few of these applications are listed below.

  • Endoscopy equipment
  • Microscopes
  • Surgery headlamps
  • Fiber illumination
  • Solar simulation
  • Imaging and scanning tools

Surgery equipment is a particularly appropriate use for short arc xenon lamps. Other types of lighting technology has a difficult time replicating the color temperature, CRI, and intense beam of xenon light sources.

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