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excimer lamps and ballasts

ProLampSales carries a wide selection of excimer lights, including lamps, ballasts, and microplasma boards. Find the excimer light source or power supply you need easier by clicking on one of the categories below. If you do not see what you are looking for, call 800.784.1998 to speak with a lighting specialist. In many cases, we can find the excimer light source you need at a competitive price.

About Excimer Lighting

Commercially-available excimer light sources and power supplies are relatively new. The technology and product offering are undergoing rapid expansion. Much of the impetus behind this expansion is the use of excimer light sources for disinfection as a result of the 2019 COVID-19 situation.

Excimer Lamp/Ballast Kits

Currently, the safest way to purchase excimer technology for prototyping is with lamp/ballast combination kits. These kits are specified to come with a lamp of a certain length and wattage and the power supply required to run the excimer lamp.

Excimer Lamps

Individual excimer lamps without a ballast are available for people who have purchased excimer equipment and need a replacement lamp, or for people testing different lamp lengths, power outputs, and power supplies. If you buy an excimer lamp and do not have a ballast to run it, it may be difficult to find a compatible ballast.

Microplasma Boards

Excimer microplasma board can be used when space is a factor for fixture design. A 10W module is only a few inches in measurement. The power supply, though, will be larger and could be located remotely. Microplasma boards are one of the more popular applications of excimer technology, although that may change as lamp technology evolves.

Excimer Lamp Ballasts

Replacement excimer lamp ballasts can be purchased for use in existing equipment. Companies developing prototypes may also purchase ballasts for testing and engineering purposes. Excimer lamp ballasts are much larger and heavier than UV ballasts designed to run low pressure mercury UVC bulbs or regular UV bulbs. In many cases, due to the weight of excimer lamp ballasts, it may be more convenient to locate the ballast outside of the fixture housing the lamp.

Germicidal Fixtures Using Excimer Technology

Germicidal fixtures using krypton cloride (KrCl) excimer lamps have been referred to as far UV 222nm. The price for these excimer fixtures are usually 8-15 times higher than 254nm UVC fixtures with a similar UV output wattage.

So far, most demand for UVC lighting is still of the 254nm type, mainly due to the large price difference and larger number of manufacturers making water purification or air/surface disinfection solutions. If the cost of excimer lighting comes down over the next decade, it may compete in the UVC market.

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