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Water Purification

About Ultraviolet Water Purification

UVC Water Purifiers

UVC water purifiers utilize one or more ultraviolet bulbs in the 253.7nm range to deactivate harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi). Water is pumped through the fixture and over the ultraviolet lights, which are protected with quartz sleeves that allow the UV rays to pass through.

Water Filter Housings & Replacement Filters

Water filters are used with some of our larger UVC water purification systems. The housings are made of stainless steel and their outlets are located above the inlets, providing significant advantages over conventional housings. We also carry the replacement filters for all of our water sanitization systems.

Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves are used in water purification systems to limit the flow of water to the rated capacity of the equipment. They come in a variety of materials, flow rates, and inlet/outlet sizes.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves work with the ultraviolet water purifier to prevent water flow when an abnormal condition is detected, as well as shutting off water flow in the event of a power outage. They are recommended by the US Public Health Service Criteria for UV disinfection equipment. Solenoid valves come in a range of pipe sizes, pressure ratings, voltages, and construction materials.

Thermal Optimizer Relief Valves

Thermal optimizers are used in water purification systems to maintain water temperatures when there is a change that the purifier would be cut off from water flow for longer periods of time. They monitor water temperature inside the disinfection chamber, opening or closing the valve to increase or decrease water flow.

Replacement Parts

We carry a large number of UV bulbs, including germicidal UVC bulbs, as well as ballasts. We have the replacement lamps and ballasts for all of the systems that we carry, as well as for a wide range of makes and models that have been manufactured by other companies. In addition, we also have a large number of quartz sleeves and can provide quotes on custom quartz sleeve sizes, depending on your application.

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