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    Aviation Lighting

    aviation lighting

    Aviation lighting covers a wide range of applications, from current-controlled airfield and runway light bulbs, to high wattage helicopter searchlights, to specialized solutions for avionics, missiles and missile defense systems, helmet-mounted and head-up display optics, and avionics. We carry a wide range of FAA approved bulbs for various OEM fixtures, and can assist in custom solutions for specialized aviation lighting applications.

    About Aviation Lighting Solutions

    Airfield & Runway Bulbs

    Specially designed for airfields, taxiways, and runways, these bulbs provide consistent and reliable light output to ensure visibility over the life of the lamp. Runway bulbs also feature rugged construction, making them resistant to vibration, as well as infrared radiation that provides visibility and guidance in conditions of lower visibility.

    We carry many bulbs that are FAA approved for use in OEM fixtures that are used in the aviation industry for taxi, take-off, approach, and landing applications.

    Helicopter Searchlights

    High powered helicopter searchlight bulbs are short arc xenon lamps that simulate sunlight at high wattages. They are designed to replace searchlight lamps in a wide range of helicopters, and come in a variety of wattages from 500 to 1600 watts.

    The helicopter searchlights we carry are found most often in law enforcement or military helicopters. They use the same xenon short arc lighting technology as cinema projector lamps.

    Projector Lamps

    Flight simulators often use a range of projectors to provide a 360° immersive experience. A wide variety of projectors can be used for hobbyist flight simulation up to commercial and military aircraft training.

    The best quality projector lamps are typically OEM lamp modules paired with OEM bare projector bulbs, but this quality usually comes at a higher cost with a lower warranty. There is also a large aftermarket supply of projector lamps, as well as a range of bare bulbs available from OEM manufacturers like Osram, Philips, and Ushio.

    Ultraviolet Germicidal Sanitation

    One response to the COVID-19 situation has been an increased awareness of the need for air and surface sanitation, and UVC lighting has been one of the solutions airlines have begun employing. From handheld UVC sanitizers to disinfect equipment panels to commercial transportation sanitizers design to disinfect entire rows of airplane seats, there are more solutions than ever for disinfection of airplanes and airports.

    Traffic Signal Bulbs

    Guiding traffic efficiently through an airport is critical. Incandescent traffic signal bulbs are specially designed for use in traffic signals, and they still hold some advantages over LED. In climates where snow may cover a traffic signal, incandescent bulbs run hot enough to melt snow and ice. And in hotter climates, LED life can be compromised by high temperatures, making incandescent an effective solution depending on local circumstances.

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