UVB - Curing & Phototherapy

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The UVB portion of the ultraviolet spectrum includes wavelengths from 280nm to 315nm. The UVB bulbs in this category provide therapeutic benefits, including treatment of skin disorders. They are also used in ultraviolet curing applications. If you don't find what you are looking for by browsing the ultraviolet UVB bulbs below, call 800.784.1998 to speak with a lighting specialist. In most cases we can find the UVB lamp for you at a competitive price.

About Ultraviolet UVB Lighting

The UVA part of the electromagnetic spectrum is between 280-315nm. Broadband UVB lamps have been used since the 1970s, while narrowband UVB lamps were introduced in 1988.

Some important uses for UVB light bulbs and fixtures include the following:

  • Phototherapy
  • Dermatology, the treatment of skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, lymphomas, and vitiligo
  • Ultraviolet curing of materials in manufacturing processes
  • Germicidal applications
  • Tanning

It should be noted that UVB light can be damaging to humans, especially exposed skin and eyes. Overexposure to skin can result in sunburn, and all ultraviolet light is considered a carcinogen. Appropriate safety measures should be taken by anyone utilizing UVB lights for any application.

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