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Dukane Projector Lamps

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Enter the type, brand, and model of the equipment you have. If you do not see your brand or model, try a keyword search or give us a call at 800.784.1998.

Dukane Projector Lamps

Select a Dukane projector model below to view the replacement lamp.

For some projector models we offer the OEM, original lamp module and for other projectors the module includes the original bulb in a compatible cage.

If you do need assistance, call us at (800) 784-1998.

Select Dukane Projector Model

I-PRO 8053

I-PRO 8065

I-PRO 8070

I-PRO 8102

I-PRO 8404

I-PRO 8406

I-PRO 8755D

I-PRO 8755D-RJ

I-PRO 8755G

I-PRO 8755G-RJ

I-PRO 8755H

I-PRO 8755H-RJ

I-PRO 8755N

I-PRO 8758

I-PRO 8767A

I-PRO 8769

I-PRO 8772

I-PRO 8775

I-PRO 8777

I-PRO 8779

I-PRO 8781

I-PRO 8782

I-PRO 8787

I-PRO 8806

I-PRO 8808

I-PRO 8910

I-PRO 8912

I-PRO 8912H

I-PRO 8913

I-PRO 8913H

I-PRO 8916H

I-PRO 8917H

I-PRO 8918

I-PRO 8928

I-PRO 8929W

I-PRO 8930

I-PRO 8931W

I-PRO 8937

I-PRO 8940

I-PRO 8942

I-PRO 8943a

I-PRO 8944

I-PRO 8948


I-PRO 8957WA

I-PRO 8958A

I-PRO 8958H-RJ

I-PRO 8959A

I-PRO 8959H-RJ

I-PRO 9135