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    Sony Projector Lamps

    ProLampSales Bulb Finder

    Enter the type, brand, and model of the equipment you have. If you do not see your brand or model, try a keyword search or give us a call at 800.784.1998.

    Sony Projector Lamps

    We feature factory original Sony 100% OEM lamp modules.

    For some projector models we also offer an alternative lamp, usually lower cost, that includes a Philips, Osram or Ushio bulb inside a compatible cage.

    Questions? Call us at (800) 784-1998. We also sell Sony cinema projector lamps from a variety of manufacturers, including Sony OEM, Advanced Specialty Lighting, Osram, and Philips/LTI.

    Select Sony Projector Model

    VPL CW255

    VPL CW256

    VPL CW275

    VPL CX235

    VPL CX236

    VPL CX275

    VPL DW240

    VPL DX220

    VPL DX221

    VPL DX240

    VPL DX270

    VPL ES7

    VPL EW7

    VPL EX7

    VPL EX70

    VPL FE40

    VPL FE40L

    VPL FH30

    VPL FH31

    VPL FH35

    VPL FH36

    VPL FW41L

    VPL FX30

    VPL FX35

    VPL FX37

    VPL FX40

    VPL FX40L

    VPL FX41

    VPL FX41L

    VPL GH10

    VPL HW10

    VPL HW15

    VPL HW20


    VPL HW30ES

    VPL HW40ES

    VPL HW45ES

    VPL HW50ES

    VPL HW55ES

    VPL HW65ES

    VPL PX1

    VPL S800E

    VPL S800M

    VPL SW620

    VPL SW620C

    VPL SW630

    VPL SW630C

    VPL SX630

    VPL TX7

    VPL V800M

    VPL VW285ES

    VPL VW295ES

    VPL VW300ES

    VPL VW320ES

    VPL VW365ES

    VPL VW385ES

    VPL VW40

    VPL VW50

    VPL VW60

    VPL VW67ES

    VPL VW80

    VPL VW85

    VPL VW90ES

    VPL VW95ES