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    Warm Dimming LED Bulbs

    We are accustomed to the mood change that is triggered when lighting is dimmed down low. The human response to warm, cozy light is important for intimate restaurant settings, home dining rooms, theater spaces and other applications. Incandescent and halogen bulbs naturally produce warmer appearing light when they are dimmed. However, most LED bulbs do not. When an LED bulb is dimmed, the color temperature remains the same throughout the dimming range. This fact has prevented LEDs from being used in many applications where "warm dimming" is a requirement.

    LED light bulb manufacturers have been addressing this issue with the release of a series of LED bulbs that change from 3000K (bright white) color temperature at full light output to 2000K (very warm, soft light) when dimmed to 10% light output. Some of these bulbs also have other characteristics such as enhanced color consistency and greater than .98 power factor making them excellent options for hospitality, gallery, retail, healthcare and residential applications. Use these bulbs in recessed downlights, track lights and wall washers.